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[SP/Co05] Escape Chernarus - By P.Milkman

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[SP/Co05] Escape Chernarus

- by P.Milkman -







Your unit, Grognon-6, was deployed during the 2005 civil war in northern Chernarus, but not everything goes according to plan ...





  •      Difficulty: Medium
  •      Playing time: 30-60min
  •      Suitable for SP and Coop-05
  •      Revive: Vanilla system with respawn point (medikit required in co-op)


Escape mission, you'll need to successfully exit the country by one of the following means :



  •      Random starting point
  •      Random extraction locations
  •      Save  disabled
  •      Random and generally aggressive opponents
  •      Traffic and civilian life around the player
  •      No NVG, no GPS and you don't appear on the map!
  •      Compass use recommended




Mission [SP/Co05] Escape Chernarus





CUP Terrains - Core

CUP Terrains - Maps

CUP Terrains - Maps 2.0

CUP Units

CUP Vehicles

CUP Weapons

S.C.A.R -- Enemy Spawner

Good luck!

Translation: EN, FR, DE


20240506121253-1.jpg  20240506120947-1.jpg  20240506120744-1.jpg




This is the first time I've dared to publish one of my missions here.

The advice and all the information provided are incredibly rich, and I'd like to thank all the contributors to this forum who make it possible to create missions.

It's an honor for me to share it with the Arma community!

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Save is disabled?

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Hi @neofit, indeed saves are disabled. It was necessary for everything to work as I thought it would, but the mission takes an average of 40/50 minutes, so I figured it wasn't too long. I've added it to the description, thanks for making me think of it. 😊

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