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Grenadier carbine has an incorrect setup

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ever since patch 1.1 The US faction has had "m16 carbines" which looking at thier 3d model are clearly based off the Colt 727. the Grenadier version of the 727 may as well be fiction, as the heat sheild that resembles a cut down version of the M16A1/M16A2 style heatshield was not known to be used on colt 727 carbines with M203, or even the older Colt 723 models that other SOF units continued to stick with until adoption of the M4 carbine, such as delta force


The only evidence of heatshields i saw on carbines was from old Vietnam era XM117e2 carbine floating around on the internet, but still not any in any actual persons hands from respective time period, implying this could be someone taking artistic liberties with thier own custom AR builds. 



to compare to reforger







LMT defense apparently still manufactures these heatshields but again there is no photographic evidence of them being in circulation in the 1980s era  carbines in SOF units, or even post cold war. Any images of carbine grenadiers you can find are  instead using the standard circular handguards, without or with the leaf sight that can be mounted through the top holes of the circular handguards.


So the M16 grenadier carbines in reforger aught be remodeled to have standard handguards like this :


Below example is an older carbine. a Colt Model 723 With standard handguard instead of a heatshield. This is from ARma 3 CDLC's CLSA.






Real life images, Colt 723 with standard handguards in the hands of a delta force operator:





a Colt 727 with M203





handguard with leaf sight attached







If one looks at the successor to the " M16 Carbines" which US officially adopted under the M4/M4A1 designation, US forces be it SOF or Regular troops continued using circular handguards, never using heatshields until circular handguard was replaced for a  picatinny railing handguards in more modern M4 builds.

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I completely agree and I think this should get changed to be accurate to the time period. 

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