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by Vectif






Prilivsko is a 16 km² fictional proof-of-concept terrain located in the Green Sea region.


Inspired by Arma 2's Bystrica and Army of the Czech Republic DLC "Silver Lion" campaign's final mission "There Will Be Flood".


Prilivsko was made as a proof-of-concept terrain for flooding built-in, as achieving this through tides and setTerrainHeight comes with their own issues as opposed to being done directly from the terrain. As such, Prilivsko was made for this purpose specifically. 


Included with the terrain is a non-flooded version for normal gameplay, and an experimental flooded version with 4 m of water.


This terrain was made from scratch in a non-consecutive sprint of 64 hours total as a side project.



- Landmarks such as a main town and a few villages, industrial sites, farmsteads, and a small military base
- Custom lighting config for a more dramatic and unique aesthetic
- Two versions (flooded and non-flooded) included
- Enabled casting shadows on water for flooded version
- Bright nights on clear full moon
- Customized weather config
- Customized ambient animals config
- Curated spatial sounds from Enoch
- Small download size
- Standalone terrain with no dependencies

Additional features
- ACE Weather support (temperature, wind, and humidity)


Technical details

- 4 km x 4 km terrain size
- 2048 grid size
- 2 cell size
- 160k objects
- Elevation range of -5 m to 8 m (-9 m to 4 m flooded)
- Made from a combination of real, fictional, and fuzzed DEMs and satellite imagery data for gameplay and artistic purposes
- Made from scratch in 64 hours


If you like my work and would like to see more, please consider donating any amount! It makes a huge difference.

Additional credits
Thoreaufare for assisting with split layer config to save filesize and feedback
National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) for the source satellite imagery
United States Geological Survey (USGS) for the source digital elevation models

Special thanks

Brett Mayson for additional testing and feedback


APL-SA: https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike

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Here's the satellite view and topography exports of both versions so the variants can be better appreciated, and so the flooding of the flooded variant is apparent.


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A couple of outstanding micro-terrains, impressive technical specs, beautifully detailed and great performance considering the 2m cell size, I think Bushlurker would be very impressed given the love he had for micro-terrains.

You work reaches new heights with every terrain you release.     

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