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Usmc updates thread

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I decided to start a new thread in this forum...actually to be honest I was tired of going back 4 to 5 pages looking for the original  biggrin_o.gif

Well I have some great news. Scorpio has given me the green light to release the CH53E Beta 1.1 for public testing. Now remember this is a Beta and we want any constructive comments from the public. Below is the specs from the read me file.


- Standard grey paintscheme

- Jungle camo version

- Retractable gear

- AN/ALE-39 Chaff and Flare

- AN/AAR-47 Audio Warning System

- Openable back ramp

- Openable Cockpit Windows

- Rotor Downwash

- Bullet holes from damage

- Some BAS special effects scripts

- Holds 37 passengers + Crew

---Bug Fixes for v1.1---

- Gearup sound error: fixed

- Ability to walk in cargo: added

- Incorrect Handling: fixed

- Jungle camo LOD textures: fixed

- Invulnerable fire: fixed

- Bullet hole textures: added

- Top body shape: fixed

- Auxillery engine: added

- Engine sound: fixed

- Demo mission: added

- Rotor blur: fixed

- 3rd person distance: fixed

---Known Issues---

- You MUST have your LOD settings on highest. Otherwise you'll have no interior,ect. if you're on second+ LOD and the chopper

will look very incorrect in terms of detail.

- Some people say that the rotorwash is a bit far back... well, note the tilted rotorhead - you'll see why.

Updates can be found at the USMC Mod website.

IF YOU HAVE A BUG REPORT, OR A QUESTION - please email us at snype_uk@hotmail.com or webmaster@dragon-horde.com

Blackdogs~ Screenshots *Awesome shots man thanks!




My meger screenshots sad_o.gif








Download Here

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Sorry about that the download link is fixed...I put the wrong address in there sad_o.gif

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Well i gues no 1 readed my Team beta report right?

the problem was: there was a mayor clipping problem in the Roadway LOD so if you walk in the chopper the whole thing seems to bounch at some places and you will fall down.

Maybe its just my pc but i hope that could be fixed because its really enoying.

And the gear sound is missing i dont know because i dont hear it and my sound is on so whats up with that?

It turns really fast ( i know thats better ) but if you press the X or C key the thing turns fast and i think thats not like the real deal right? so can scorpio fix that to?

Animation Windows:

If you are inside the chopper and you turn the view point with NUM6 to the right you see no windows but if you are in the 3D camera section and you do the same: then there are windows so some thing tells me thats not right.

Weapon: ALE-39

Well the gunner haves that as only weapon but it fires to fast because if you fired 1 round then you can fire another 1 but they colapse in mid air so maybe reduce the time with 3/5 seconds so you can drop more and dont losse them.

Well the rest is SuberB and its nice to fly with it except still some Handling problems but not a big deal wink_o.gif and keep the good work up Scorpio and i hope to see more of your work.

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As far as the weapon all it is, is Chaff and Flare...it's to fool missles...the only eapon the CH53E has is the 50 cal. Which I hope is in the final version wink_o.gif

Scorpio has been informed of the LOD problem and he is working on it for beta 1.2 ..I sent him the Beta reports this morning. We still would like the public input as well though.

X & C are the rudder pedels and yes a CH53E can turn very quickly if you jam on the pedels...trust me on this one tounge_o.gif

Thank you for the report Waffendennis...it has helped alot.

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OK umm...I didn't really expect this to be released before I was informed, but... oh well...

The Roadway LOD problem, I didn't know about. I thought it worked for me, but the thing is, you can walk around in the chopper with no hassle when you're just standing up, but when you're kneeling, then you fall through... no idea why.

BTW, I don't think the handling is a problem anymore... I've been told it handles like the real thing. But anyway, if anybody wants to help with that Roadway LOD problem and also the script position problem, then that'll be greatly appreciated.

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Well i think the Roadway LOD is in conflict with a error in a script or a wrong config in 02? because if you look at the MI26 from HAWK: The roadway LOD works there 100% and you can walk evry where in it ( except if the chopper is in mid air wink_o.gif ) and the MI26 is the Largest Transort chopper off the world so the only thing i can think of is: Wrong scripting so maybe a bat string in a script? or the "ROADWAY LOD" is in conflict with a other LOD? but i cant check it out in 02 because the 02 can't load it sad_o.gif so maybe if you check out all the LOD's Step by Step you will find the conlict? or check the script again and if its needed get rid off all the scripts? i hope this will work or at least bring it in the good way or else i dont know sad_o.gif

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first off, good work smile_o.gif

second, small bug report, whether you know or not i dont know


script error; i get this on mission load



Altitude; though the BAS MH47 had this problem and that was roadway problem right?

also, regarding the rotorwash, i know in the readme it mentions it, but i still think it is just a tad far back, yes i agree it should be offset but i think it is just a little too far back, but thats just my oppinion

anyway, to recap nice work look forward to the final smile_o.gif

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Actually the rotorwash excuse was a cheap getaway from an script position error. wink_o.gif sorry

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some other bugs i found while testing this great add-on:

The fire geometry don't works, you can easy fire throw the helo with riffles or launch a grenade throw it, i haven't tryied rockets but i think it will have the same problem, pheraps in only some parts of the helo, i shoot at the middle, also i can walk throw it, but i know it's a big plane and big geometry lods are really hard to made in ofp...

Also i think too the rotor dust is too back, and shall it will be better if incrased, because a big chopper make big dust...

Aniway i wanted to report those small bugs

Keep up the great work wink_o.gif


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Well i have re checked the .sqs files and the .cpp files because the .p3d is secured but for the wrong duster placemend i sugest scorpio to edit this:

_delay = 0.01

_dustpos = 20

_dustsize = 0

_spinup = True

_flying = False

_spindown = False

_dir4 = 0

_dir5 = 0

so edit that to your needs and be sure to check out what you did because if the script dont works ok the game crashes or the script simply does not work.


well there are some scipts in the CH53E file that are not needed so i suggest Del them because they can give problems to and you will have less size on your .pbo so i sugest to get rid of these files:


3: and to fix more bugs: I think you have left some LOD's from some older ideas of you like the Rappeling and cargo drop? so maybe check all your LOD(S) and check if they fit all well and if they all have their selection.

Well i hope this helps you out and the best luck on it.

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Posted this stuff in the other thread

Testing this baby out now hehe. Looking great.

Ok found a bug for ya. On Jungle version Open windows does nothing, doesn't even change the option to close windows. And on the regular version I didn't see anything hapen when I chose open windows other then the option changing to close windows.

Edited by Yoshiro on July 21 2003,23:16


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Hmm there are strange Bugs with the postion's (downwash, burning script not placed right), then I can run trough the chopper at some places.

Then there is something messed up with the fire geo lod. hmm I'm a bit disappointed. But the handling is really much better now. At least that is positive

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