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Upgrade 4 (version 1.40) coming out Thursday 20th December

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Upgrade 4 version 1.40 is coming out tomorow (Thursday 20th December). It contains one new official MP mission and many bug fixed and general improvements (mainly and netcode improvements, new Super AI option and much more). Watch this space for more information.

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Super AI options sets skill of all AI units to maximum. We added this option, because we made normal AI level in 1.40 a bit easier, seeing a lot of complaints game was too hard after 1.30 patch. To satisfy players you like playing with very good opponent, we included the Super AI option.

Other improvements include:

- some AI perception bugs fixed

- many MP bugs fixed

- general stability improved, especially in MP

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Upgrade 4 contains:

  New multi-player mission:

     * Real Paintball - A fast-paced paintball-style multiplayer game.

  New multi-player features:

     * New TIME LEFT feature on multiplayer info screen.

  New command line argument:

     * -cfg command line argument to enable selection of Flashpoint.cfg.

  Updated v1.4 game code, including new multiplayer features, optimisations and bug fixes. Here's a selection of some bug fixes and new features:

  1.40 - Added: Estimated Timeleft reporting in MP missions.

  1.37 - Fixed: AI: Missile launcher is not prepared if there is no reason to prepare it.

  1.36 - Fixed: Group respawn also enabled for nonleader units.

  1.34 - Added: functions createVehicle, createUnit, deleteVehicle.

  1.34 - Fixed: Join command is working in multiplayer.

  1.33 - New: Diffuculty option "Super AI". When this option is enabled, all AI units have maximum skill.

  1.33 - Fixed: AI: Added "last visible time" check in visibility matrix.

         This should avoid firing at target considered visible due to target sharing.

  1.33 - Improved: Low skill soldiers have less sensitive eyes and ears.

         This make game easier when playing against low skill enemies, and

         makes the difference between low and high skill more important.

  1.33 - Added: external hosts.txt file with list of favourite hosts.

  1.33 - Fixed: ErrorMessage when MP server has VoiceRH addon installed and client hasn't.

  1.33 - Fixed: Dark notepad after load or Alt-Tab.

  1.32 - Fixed: Destroyed buildings did not collapse with HW T&L.

  1.31 - Fixed: cadet/veteran mode was missing in Save.

  1.31 - Fixed: When firing, line of fire between weapon and target is checked.

         The line between eye and target was checked before, which could sometimes

         lead to friendly fire.

  1.31 - Fixed: More stable crate and barrel simulation.

  1.31 - Fixed: Some units or destroyed objects may be left from previous mission.

         Such units were displayed, but otherwise inactive "ghosts".

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