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Firing missiles, how to affect left/right troggle?

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think not many have noticed yet, but on some addons, the OFP engine fires

the weapons in a different order than on others, and I want to know how I can

influence that.

Ok, let me explain: On some choppers and planes, the firing order of

missiles and rockets is simply LEFT, then RIGHT, then LEFT again, and so on. So


first missile leaves the left rail/wing, the second the right, the third

leaves the left rail again...

It seems like OFP uses some sort of a global variable to coordinate the

order in which the missiles leave the bay, and this variable seems to be toggled

between 0 (left) and 1 (right) with each missile or rocket fired. The problem

is that one can easily fool this mechanism. Just fire a missile (it leaves

the left rail), then fire a rocket (will leave the right rail), then fire a

missile again - it will leave the left rail again. When you do this for a

couple of times, you end up with all missiles being fired on the left wing/rail

only! This is bullsh*t, obviously; if the chopper has, say, 8 missiles, 4 on

each side, I can fire all 8 from only the left wing!! OFP simply doesnt care

about wings or rails; it just switches its left/right variable with each

missile and/or rocket being fired.

But there're also addons where this is quite different (DKM's Havoc for

example). On these addons, OFP seems to "remember" where it fired the last

missile for each type of missile rocket. Thus, it only toggles the left/right

positions if the same type of missile was fired, and not when ANY kind of


was fired. So if I try the "trick" described above, I fire a missile first,

and it leaves the left wing. Then I fire a rocket, and it leaves the left wing

too (notice that now OFP seems to use seperate counters/variables for each

weapon!), then I fire a missile again, and it leaves the right wing, like it


Ok, here's the 1 billion $$$ question: How can this be influenced?

rubble_maker (BRSSEB posting for him)

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Hi Brsseb

As far as I can ascertain

Rockets are governed by the following memory points:

L Strela and P Strela for choppers meaning left and right

L raketa and P raketa for aircraft.

As for missiles and bombs they are determined by the positions of their proxies in O2. On the A4 Skyhawk for example I placed 5 missile proxies. 2 each wing, and 1 fuselage centerline.

example (P = proxy)

left wing centerline Right wing

P1 P3 P5 P4 P2

Seems to work.

I think OFP fires them in reverse order though.. had problems on bomb racks.. worth experimenting.

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