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Hello, I've made a script to help people to create missions having spawn zones with random spawn points and waypoints


It can be used with any mods/maps (or even pure vanilla)


The script, with a detailed usage guide can be found on GitHub


Preconfigured (and non-configured) templates of the script can be downloaded here




All you need to do is to place one (or more) triggers on the map and name it respecting a specific format :


DynamicSpawn_<Activating side>_<Side to spawn>_<Amount of infantry squads>_<Amount of waypoints for infantry>_<Amount of vehicle squads>_<Amount of waypoints for vehicles>_<Amount of air units>_<Amount of air units waypoints (actually unused)>_<ID of the trigger>

Where :


<Activating side> is the side that will activate the trigger when entering in
<Side to spawn> is the side of the units that will spawn when the trigger is activated


Both sides can have the values : "WEST", "EAST", "GUER", "CIV"


<Amount of infantry squads>, <Amount of vehicle squads> and <Amount of air units> are the amount of squads that will be spawn (except for air, that's just the amount of units).
They can have any value above zero (including zero if you don't want such type of units)


<Amount of waypoints for infantry>, <Amount of waypoints for vehicles> and <Amount of air units waypoints> are the amount of waypoints for each kind of squads (actually unused for air units).
They can have any value above zero (including zero if you don't want the units to move) or a range of values using a comma , as separator, such as 4,8 if you want between 4 and 8 waypoints.


<ID of the trigger> is a numeric value used to identify each triggers. Keep them unique or you may expect bugs (such as units spawning/moving at the wrong place)

For example : DynamicSpawn_WEST_EAST_5_6,8_2_4_1_1_1 will trigger when an unit from WEST enters the trigger and will spawn units from EAST such as :


  • 5 infantry squads having each between 6 and 8 waypoints
  • 2 vehicle squads having 4 waypoints
  • 1 air unit
  • The Id of the trigger is 1






Then, you can place spawn points, named such as :


<Type of group to spawn>_SPAWN_POINT_<id of the trigger>_<id of the spawn point>

Where :


<Type of group to spawn> can have as value any of those : INFANTRY, VEHICLE or AIR


<id of the trigger> must match the id of the trigger previously created, so that way, when trigger 1 will be activated, the script will know it must use the *_SPAWN_POINT_1_* as spawn points. That way, spawn points can be placed outside of the trigger (allowing, for example, air units coming from far away)


<id of the spawn point> is used to have different unique names for spawn points (and that value is automatically incremented when copying/pasting the spawnpoints)


For example :

















The example below shows many spawn points placed in Stratis.
You can notice the air spawn points are placed all around the map, far away from the trigger.




The waypoints work the same way than the spawn points : Their format is : <Type of group>_WAYPOINT_<id of the trigger>_<id of the waypoint> : 





There is no air waypoints, the behavior of air vehicles is different :

Once spawned (1000 meters altitude), they will fly and loiter around the center of the trigger (Altitude 250, radius 500)
When a unit from the activating side is detected by the spawning side, the aircrafts will go Seek and Destroy on that unit location.
When the search is over, they will go back to loiter






The script is highly configurable and customizable


You can configure which units type will spawn. This way, you can use any mods, as long as you tell the script the classnames of the units/groups you want to use


You can inject custom scripts that can be executed at :


  • Trigger creation
  • Trigger activation
  • Trigger deactivation
  • Trigger cleared (when all spawned units are dead)


More informations on GitHub



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