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I'll post some work-in-progress stuff here of a FDF Faction mod i'm working on.
Before you even ask:

What is this project about?:
My plan is to create a "Modular" FDF Faction mod to steam workshop, with CBA_A3, and RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF, RHSGREF & RHSSAF as only mandatory mods.

It will not be historically accurate, but will be close enough, to provide a fun FDF experience.



Meaning that the faction can be basically mixed-and-matched with many mods, to increase amount of vehicles available to even changing weapons on troops.

Only mandatory dependencies are the ones mentioned previously. Otherwise the mod will include multiple compat files and/or retextures that load in when certain mods are loaded.



Finnish Defence Forces


Current Done List:

- M05 Uniforms and Helmets

- M04 Gear

- M62 Gear

- RK62 & RK62M2

- SCAR-L (Thanks to Aegis)

- Compat for F-18C and F-35C Mods

- Plastic Stock PKM that supports rails


Currently WIP:

- BMP2-MD Texture

- Faction file
 - Basic loadouts for:

  - Men (Conscript)

  - Men  - Men (Special Forces)

- TRG42

- Retex for F-35C Mod

- FinnishNames file
- Insignias
 - For branch of services, brigades etc.


My plan for future:

- Fin(n)ish faction file, with groups and everything

- Configs for RHS vics

- Retextures for RHS vics
- Jet, and Heli Pilot clothing textures

- Compat/soft dependencies files for the following mods:

 - CUP & CUP dev


 - Global Mobilization

Some WIP screenshots for now:

Want to help?:
Hop on my discord, and offer me your services:

What i'm looking for?:
If you have any models or mods you are willing to share that relates to FDF, i'm more than happy to receive
You can check a rough list of Finnish Equipment here:

However, if your stuff is not allowed to be released under APL-SA license freely, i am not looking to include it.

Everything that will be released, will be done under APL-SA license, meaning i am allowing everyone to freely upload and reuse anything included.

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Todays stuff:

RHSUSF M109 texture, to be a 155 PSH K9 "close-enough" replacement:





BMP-2 Recolouring still in works:



Other stuff:
Group configs
Turret configs

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ITPSV 90 Marksman



Finished as well:
122 PSH 74
PKM w/ Rails

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