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So currently I have not found many ways with my small knowledge of SQF/arma natives or finding anyway online thats been demonstrated- But I'd like assistance in creating a script.

Currently I am using SOG Prairie Fire Exectutor/Random Site modules to place caches that are all removeable via addAction for a search and destroy type mission- With each cache being randomly spawned via module.

All of this works and I wish to to map markers to said caches that do spawn, as the Random Site module chooses several different locations. 

I would like only for (in this instance EAST or OPFOR) to have markers on said objects that are the caches. 
What method could I use for this? A snippet in initPlayerLocal? Can someone help create a mockup of what that would be?
Id like:

  • Markers to be visible for OPFOR only in mission
  • MOST methods for one side markers Ive seen show ALL the markers in the briefing regardless
  • Dont know how to actualize this. In initPlayerLocal? In seperate SQF script? 
  • Have them tied to editor placed objects. In this case, the object name/type in the screenshot: Multiple objects that are names cache_(letter)(number)  ex. cache_a1


Any help is appreciated. I dont really know where to start code wise.



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