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OFP Crashed to the desktop

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If you are not able to find answers for your problems, you may send ONE mail to support@bistudio.com with this:

- brief description of your problem

- CPU type, motherboard, graphics card configuration (you can send DxDiag.txt, which contains this and even mose)

- Flashpoint.rpt and Context.bin files

- what version of OF are you using

(which addons)

- in which mission are you experiencing problems

- are you using HW T&L or not?

- what operation system have you got? (Win9x, WinME, Win2000)

We already recevied many of reports this way and it really helps to make game more stable. Be assured that even when you do not get any quick reply from this mail account, your files will be carefully investigated and if possible fix will be provided in next patch.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest version, as it contains fixes for several bugs that could lead to crash.

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