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Vest appears in the ground

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Hi guys! I was trying to make a vest model into arma. All seemed good until I tested. The model appears in the ground and it moves with the character. When crouching it doesn't rotate and it stays vertical. I asked in an arma 3 community and they said that it was due to the weights(I didn't know what it was), and after some videos I quickly learned. I tried coping an actual vest weight in my model and even doing my own one, but nothing seemed to work. I added the geometry lod with the autocenter=0 property btw. Nothing works. I also tried with another model of a mod that was already published and it happenned the same problem. Idk what it could be.  

Here the model.cfg:


class cfgSkeletons


    class OFP2_ManSkeleton


        skeletonInherit = "";

        isDiscrete = 0;



            "pelvis"    ,"",

            "spine" ,"pelvis",

            "spine1"    ,"spine",

            "spine2"    ,"spine1",

            "spine3"    ,"spine2",

            "neck"  ,"spine3",

            "neck1" ,"neck",

            "head"  ,"neck1",

            "face_hub"  ,"head",

            "face_jawbone"  ,"face_hub",

            "face_jowl" ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_chopright"    ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_chopleft" ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_liplowermiddle"   ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_liplowerleft" ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_liplowerright"    ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_chin" ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_tongue"   ,"face_jawbone",

            "face_cornerright"  ,"face_hub",

            "face_cheeksideright"   ,"face_cornerright",

            "face_cornerleft"   ,"face_hub",

            "face_cheeksideleft"    ,"face_cornerleft",

            "face_cheekfrontright"  ,"face_hub",

            "face_cheekfrontleft"   ,"face_hub",

            "face_cheekupperright"  ,"face_hub",

            "face_cheekupperleft"   ,"face_hub",

            "face_lipuppermiddle"   ,"face_hub",

            "face_lipupperright"    ,"face_hub",

            "face_lipupperleft" ,"face_hub",

            "face_nostrilright" ,"face_hub",

            "face_nostrilleft"  ,"face_hub",

            "face_forehead" ,"face_hub",

            "face_browfrontright"   ,"face_forehead",

            "face_browfrontleft"    ,"face_forehead",

            "face_browmiddle"   ,"face_forehead",

            "face_browsideright"    ,"face_forehead",

            "face_browsideleft" ,"face_forehead",

            "face_eyelids"  ,"face_hub",

            "face_eyelidupperright" ,"face_hub",

            "face_eyelidupperleft"  ,"face_hub",

            "face_eyelidlowerright" ,"face_hub",

            "face_eyelidlowerleft"  ,"face_hub",

            "eyeleft"   ,"face_hub",

            "eyeright"  ,"face_hub",

            "leftshoulder"  ,"spine3",

            "leftarm"   ,"leftshoulder",

            "leftarmroll"   ,"leftarm",

            "leftforearm"   ,"leftarmroll",

            "leftforearmroll"   ,"leftforearm",

            "lefthand"  ,"leftforearmroll",

            "lefthandring"  ,"lefthand",

            "lefthandring1" ,"lefthandring",

            "lefthandring2" ,"lefthandring1",

            "lefthandring3" ,"lefthandring2",

            "lefthandpinky1"    ,"lefthandring",

            "lefthandpinky2"    ,"lefthandpinky1",

            "lefthandpinky3"    ,"lefthandpinky2",

            "lefthandmiddle1"   ,"lefthand",

            "lefthandmiddle2"   ,"lefthandmiddle1",

            "lefthandmiddle3"   ,"lefthandmiddle2",

            "lefthandindex1"    ,"lefthand",

            "lefthandindex2"    ,"lefthandindex1",

            "lefthandindex3"    ,"lefthandindex2",

            "lefthandthumb1"    ,"lefthand",

            "lefthandthumb2"    ,"lefthandthumb1",

            "lefthandthumb3"    ,"lefthandthumb2",

            "rightshoulder" ,"spine3",

            "rightarm"  ,"rightshoulder",

            "rightarmroll"  ,"rightarm",

            "rightforearm"  ,"rightarmroll",

            "rightforearmroll"  ,"rightforearm",

            "righthand" ,"rightforearmroll",

            "righthandring" ,"righthand",

            "righthandring1"    ,"righthandring",

            "righthandring2"    ,"righthandring1",

            "righthandring3"    ,"righthandring2",

            "righthandpinky1"   ,"righthandring",

            "righthandpinky2"   ,"righthandpinky1",

            "righthandpinky3"   ,"righthandpinky2",

            "righthandmiddle1"  ,"righthand",

            "righthandmiddle2"  ,"righthandmiddle1",

            "righthandmiddle3"  ,"righthandmiddle2",

            "righthandindex1"   ,"righthand",

            "righthandindex2"   ,"righthandindex1",

            "righthandindex3"   ,"righthandindex2",

            "righthandthumb1"   ,"righthand",

            "righthandthumb2"   ,"righthandthumb1",

            "righthandthumb3"   ,"righthandthumb2",

            "weapon"    ,"spine1",

            "launcher"  ,"spine1",

            "camera"    ,"pelvis",

            "leftupleg" ,"pelvis",

            "leftuplegroll" ,"leftupleg",

            "leftleg"   ,"leftuplegroll",

            "leftlegroll"   ,"leftleg",

            "leftfoot"  ,"leftlegroll",

            "lefttoebase"   ,"leftfoot",

            "rightupleg"    ,"pelvis",

            "rightuplegroll"    ,"rightupleg",

            "rightleg"  ,"rightuplegroll",

            "rightlegroll"  ,"rightleg",

            "rightfoot" ,"rightlegroll",

            "righttoebase"  ,"rightfoot"




class CfgModels


    class Default


        sections[] = {};


        skeletonName = "";


    class zellal_vest:Default














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Is it part of a mod? I have had some issues with that. Try and make it its own mini-mod, and see if that's the issue. Other than that I got nothing else to help.

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it's a mod that only has the vest nothing else


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