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News! a bit on animals and other stuff people find

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Get summat better!

I've been looking around, and have found the OFP.Info interview with Marek Spanel, one thing i'd like to raise is:

OFP.info: Some people asked about animals, to create guards dog to improve immersion during Spec Ops missions for instance, would you take this in consideration ?

Marek Spanel: We would like to introduce animals in OFP2, that's all I can tell you now.


Not bad... i'm gonna try and find sum sites saying which weapons and which vehicles were used... it's not gonna be proper OFP2 stuff, just it cud be sumat which BIS is using as a source, so it may be featured

now all say ooooh

that's better...

brb wiv sum info


Found a sitr for weapons of the Vietnam war :


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