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Server dont starting!

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I wanted to start my own server for Arma Reforger, but the server does not start and screams this.
F:\ARMA RE\sERVEER\arma_reforger>ArmaReforgerServer.exe -maxFPS 60 -config  ".\config"
ENGINE       : Creating engine.
ENGINE       : FileSystem: Adding relative directory 'C:\Users\servers\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\logs\logs_2024-01-04_18-39-35' to filesystem under name logs
ENGINE       : FileSystem: Adding relative directory 'C:\Users\servers\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile' to filesystem under name profile
ENGINE       : Initializing engine.
ENGINE       : CLI Params: -maxFPS 60 -config .\config
Addon dirs:
 ENGINE       : dir: './addons'
 ENGINE       : dir: 'C:/Users/servers/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/addons'
Available addons:
 ENGINE       : gproj: './addons/core/core.gproj' guid: '5614BBCCBB55ED1C' (packed)
 ENGINE       : gproj: './addons/data/ArmaReforger.gproj' guid: '58D0FB3206B6F859' (packed)
ENGINE       : FileSystem: Adding package './addons/data/' (pak count: 2) to filesystem under name ArmaReforger
ENGINE       : FileSystem: Adding package './addons/core/' (pak count: 1) to filesystem under name core
RESOURCES    : ResourceDB: loading cache (id=0 name=ArmaReforger path=./addons/data/resourceDatabase.rdb)
RESOURCES    : ResourceDB: loading cache (id=1 name=core path=./addons/core/resourceDatabase.rdb)
RESOURCES    : ResourceDB: loading cache (id=2 name=profile path=C:\Users\servers\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile/resourceDatabase.rdb)
RESOURCES    : ResourceDB: loading cache (id=3 name=logs path=C:\Users\servers\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\logs\logs_2024-01-04_18-39-35/resourceDatabase.rdb)
GameProject load
 ENGINE       : Loaded addons:
  ENGINE       : gproj: './addons/core/core.gproj' guid: '5614BBCCBB55ED1C'
  ENGINE       : gproj: './addons/data/ArmaReforger.gproj' guid: '58D0FB3206B6F859'
GameProject engine user settings load @"$profile:.save/settings/ReforgerEngineSettings.conf"
 ENGINE       : Engine user settings config loaded
ENGINE    (W): No module info used, trying to identify -> 0xD9020000
RENDER       : Basic screen setup:
RENDER       :   Back buffer width x height: 0x0
RENDER       :   Back buffer format            : TEXFMT_UNKNOWN (0)
RENDER       :   MSAA                      : none
RENDER       : GPU_DUMMY (0xFFFF) (Enfusion dummy render) with 1 GPU detected, VRAM 128MB (fast 128MB), shared 128MB, driver version Unknown version, stereo not available
RENDER       : Detected output devices:
RENDER       :  * 1 device/s connected to Dummy:
RENDER       :    Dummy output (Dummy device for our dummy render.), 1920x1080 (offset 0x0), 60Hz
RENDER       :   Concurrent frames limit 2
ENGINE       : Job system settings: coreCount=32, shortJobContextCount=8, shortJobThreadCount=7, longJobThreadCount=3
AUDIO        : Audio device created
ENGINE       : Initializing inputs.
NETWORK      : Initializing networking.
SCRIPT       : Initializing scripts
 SCRIPT       : ScriptProjectManager init
 PROFILING    : ScriptProjectManager init took: 0.034300 ms
PROFILING    : Initializing scripts took: 26.021000 ms
ENGINE       : Enfusion engine successfully created.
GUI          : Using default language (en_us)
GUI          : Loading 'en_us' localization file.
INIT         : Loading StringTable
PROFILING    : Loading StringTable took: 24.764000 ms
SCRIPT       : Compiling GameLib scripts
 SCRIPT       : Loaded 251x files; 492x classes; used 458/2097 kB (21%) of static memory; CRC32: 0256ccd5
PROFILING    : Compiling GameLib scripts took: 40.391000 ms
SCRIPT       : Compiling Game scripts
 SCRIPT       : Loaded 3722x files; 7850x classes; used 17237/41943 kB (41%) of static memory; CRC32: 09dc26a2
PROFILING    : Compiling Game scripts took: 2283.217300 ms
INIT         : Creating game instance(ArmaReforgerScripted), version built 2023-12-08 12:08:43 UTC.
BACKEND   (E): Unable to open server config file: .\config
ENGINE    (E): Error while initializing game.
ENGINE    (E): Unable to initialize the game
ENGINE       : Game destroyed.
RPL          : Pip::Destroy
RESOURCES (E): ==== Resource leaks ====
RESOURCES (E): ui/fonts/robotomono_msdf_28.edds   1

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Hi guy.


I Cant help you a lot, but this is the error:

BACKEND   (E): Unable to open server config file: .\config


Locate te config file of your server and remake then.

Good luck (Sry my poor english)

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I consider this game abandoned ,


perso, I haven't seen yet an answer of the staff in this forum to any problem exposed .


or is it just me ???


no, two years of complains about joystick, and still nothing is an example .


proof me wrong einstein !!!


30€ in the toilet for cunts !


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3 hours ago, Xy. said:

proof me wrong einstein !!!


This game is not abandoned, it's being updated and issues are addressed every day, it's just the forums are rarely used now as the ARMA Discord server is the main communication channel now, and the Feedback Tracker is the official tool for posting feedback and reporting bugs or issues. And if you want to be helped instead of being treated like a furious child, try being polite and ask your questions on Discord/make a ticket in Feedback Tracker.

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