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How to fix gcam without removing CBA?

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As some of you might know, the CBA patch just borked gcam beyong control. But i still see people making cinematics? How do they acheive this with gcam being unusable(Most of the time GCAM just outright refuses to move) removing CBA made the situation better but most of worksop depends on it.

I also caught wind of a dev remaking gcam, does anyhone have his discord/github/status tracker/BI Forum post.


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It's not CBA's fault because every other mod depending on it (and also is that old) simply works, it's just GCam being a piece of shitty code. If you want to fix it, either start the game in profiling branch with logs enabled to see where and what breaks and then remove or rewrite the pieces of shitty code. Of course to reupload this back on Steam you would have to get the original author's permission.


Or what could be easier, just write it from scratch, you will have easier time understanding the code you write rather than spaghetti "leftovers".


Or the easiest way, just wait until someone else makes the new version.

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