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(compiled hurriedly by IsthatyouJohnWayne)



GAMEWORLD SIMULATION (engine abilities, objects etc)


1¬:Improved physics system

*more realistic vehicle movement taking into account friction dependant on ground surface -less ‘bouncing’ of heavy objects (making heavy objects feel more ‘grounded’ )

*more realistic weapon ballistics taking into account -velocity -projectile mass -wind resistance

-with the ability for projectiles to realistically penetrate matter. Perhaps with categories of penetrability for objects, buildings and vehicles

-types as well as functioning calibres of round -120mm Armour Piercing tank shell

-20mm High Explosive -5.56 FMJ that penetrate to different degrees and have different effects,

-projectiles able to ricochet and more realistically implemented tracer fire (appearance , speed, characteristics etc)

-more horizontal variation in unguided projectile flight (FFARS, and especially LAWS etc can go astray over longer distance)

*more accurate airborne flight model (realistic/easy mode –on/off) –with vortex effects-object aerodynamics (possibility of real gliding over distance in certain circumstances) -generally easier for fixed wing aircraft to stay airborne -higher altitudes more easily possible

-auto rotation (+ other effects?) possible in helicopters without engine power

*improved inertia modelling for airborne and ground vehicles (+  ‘ragdoll’ modelling people/bodies?)

2¬:Improved clipping/ collision detection and with full 3D modelling and physics applying to all things (if possible!wink.gif

*objects/people/vehicles interact in a more stable/predictable way)

3¬: Better graphics in general. Higher resolution and more photo-realistic  textures, improved fire and explosion effects, increased use of particle effects etc

4¬:Improved lighting system (less ‘blocky’)

*improved real time light simulation  -shadow/shade creation with multiple sourced shadows possible

*ability to turn environmental lights on/off in game(such as those in houses)

5¬:Greater physical damage modelling in environment (and greater deformability)

*burnable/fully destroyable trees ,houses ,roads and runways, objects etc. Everything being destroyable with various effects (Perhaps a few different damage states for buildings)

*partial/sectional destruction possible -structure of buildings/objects separable  (without total destruction of object) –hole made in APC where RPG round enters, -a tree trunk being shot and falling into two where the round hits

*explosions leaving 3D craters if deformable terrain is implemented (crater size relative to explosion size)- also entrenching tools may be used to deform terrain somehow

*more fire and objects that visually burn

6¬:Improved physical damage modelling of vehicles and people with area specific damage animations and vehicles to suffer more specific damage (like the great tire shooting ability) and able to come apart

*optional ‘gore’ effects for bodies (ability to blow apart etc)

*tracks, turrets, wheels and other parts coming off

*precise bullet holes appearing where impacted (windows cracking then shattering etc)

*vehicles crumpling partially from crash/explosion

*all crashes including tank crashes can wound/kill occupants realistically depending on speed, angle etc

*vehicles realistically vulnerable and more statistically accurate damage models

eg -tanks immune to small arms fire, low helicopters more vulnerable to it (to varying extents)–tanks and APCs have realistic vulnerability to AT weapons (RPGs/LAWS generally less effective against APCs ,MBTs) and grenades- vehicles have improved modelling of vulnerable areas

*more accurate damage to humans specifically (‘body zone’?) - equipment, bags pouches  etc regarded as separate from human body

-equipment more separable from body .Guns or equipment able to fall away from carrier (fall out during extreme activity or at least be shot/blasted out)

7¬:New shrapnel effects

*More lethality from certain explosions with projectiles expelled from blast that can wound/kill

*bunkers or other cover help negate shell area effects and shrapnel

8¬:Generally increased human animations and weapon animations

9¬:More animation on vehicles + buildings? (moving doors ramps, radars etc)

10¬:Increased detail on (human/ vehicle models)-more equipment detail visible  

11¬:More animations for infantry states or readiness -safe(current shouldered weapon)- casual patrol(walking, weapon down low) -alert (normal) -alert with weapon aimed (similar to present 'walk' ) etc

12¬: More convincing and complete mounting and disembarking animations (embarking/disembarking interruptible in an emergency)

13¬:New animation for gradually bringing weapon to aimed 'iron sight' position (as opposed to iron sight appearing)

*also iron sight as part of 3D weapon model if possible

14¬: New animation,  "lower weapon" "Raise weapon" with key command (AI tends to have weapon lowered when enemy is not spotted/known)

(-possibly with a slight accuracy penalty if weapon is held ‘raised’ when standing

for prolonged periods of time ?)

15¬: More realistic movement when turning on foot, when kneeling or when prone (increased feeling of turning around rather than spinning, especially when prone)

16¬: Ability to lean and peek around corners etc

17¬:Weapons swappable in game between right and left hand (possibly with accuracy penalty) –useful for urban combat ,having weapon on exposed side etc

18¬:New infantry ground hugging position (could serve as hiding/fake death position for ambushes etc)

*get as close to the ground as possible

*can't really see much other than dirt

*can't fire weapon

*has increased protection against shells

19¬: Hand signals possible (perhaps only in certain modes or otherwise situation dependant)

20¬: Realistically limited jump and climb (not just ladders) abilities and animations

21¬:Better crash modelling for helicopters and aeroplanes

*area specific damage affecting flight

*better survivability for pilots and passengers in crashes (especially low speed)

22¬:Increased simulation of electronics systems on appropriate vehicles

*More real aircraft avionics-realistic avionics systems

-on board navigation/ waypoint system

-defence systems such as working counter-measures (C.M.) chaff/flares, Electronic C.M. ,active radar detection, ‘lock on’ alert warning

-ability to aggressively detect ground and air radar out to long ranges (beyond visual range and current detection range)

-moveable turrets/cameras for aircraft

-greater role for vehicle gunners with TV, thermal, radar and other targeting systems as appropriate

*more electronic system simulation on certain ground vehicles (tanks etc)

23¬:Ability to fire AT weapon from standing position (significantly less accurate?), still movement restricted when aiming an AT weapon whilst moving stood up. This would be useful for firing from inside buildings, fire and duck attacks over the brow of a hill etc

24¬:Ability for wheeled vehicles to fire rockets and missiles (current engine restriction)

25¬:Ability for passengers to fire from vehicles (at least when in certain positions)

*ability to shoot multiple weapons simultaneously from a vehicle (eg tank commander shooting coaxial machine gun + gunner shooting main cannon)

26¬:Non static objects/vehicles able to carry other objects/vehicles (as well as people)

*ability for cargo vehicles (C-130, Antonov, sea vessels etc.) to properly carry other vehicles

*ability for people to stand on the top of or on deck of a moving vehicle without sliding off (ideally with accurate physics for moving and staying on/in moving vehicles ,  or perhaps new cargo positions in ships or on top of certain vehicles or ‘cling onto vehicle’ ability)

*Some ability to move whilst inside cargo vehicles, on deck of ship etc (this would for instance allow people to line up shots whilst in helicopters and other vehicles

*ability to fall out of certain vehicles(?)- helicopters, open jeeps and trucks etc

27¬:Ability to pick up and carry environmental objects (may disable use of main weapon) and/or ability to push/pull certain objects (within reason…taking account of mass)

*ammo boxes moveable

*ability to transport ‘things’ in game (non weapon/vehicle objects)

*ability to build barricades(?)

28¬:Ability to put objects (ideally any small enough object) in vehicles - there could also be towable objects)

29¬:New speed of ‘encumbered running’ or speeds between walking and sprinting, would be good not only for stretchers, but for many movement restricted units

-AT with extra load

-AA soldier with load.

-Engineers with multiple AT mines

-Unit carrying heavy object

*encumbered runner cannot jump at all (if jumping is implemented)

30¬:Ability to run while crouched (useful for darting between cover)

31¬:More sound distortion due to obstructions or range (eg bass becomes dominant when sound source is past a few hundred metres away)

32¬:As many sounds as possible (and ability for players to change if they wish?)

Sounds for contact with different surfaces, brushing through shrubs/past walls –sounds (whining noise) if a shell lands or large explosion happens near player who survives (simulating temporary deafness) etc.

33¬:Easy to use Movie Maker for recording in game movies

(Maybe along with a new “weapon type†of working ‘movie camera’ or ‘photographic camera’ especially useful for spec ops recon. missions (e.g. ‘record‘ certain objects for a given amount of time or similar) or even a new unit ‘War correspondant’ or ‘Damn journalist’ ? tounge.gif )


34¬:Larger islands/maps - Desert islands/maps (with appropriate flora/fauna/unit camo) - Jungle islands/maps (with appropriate flora/fauna/unit camo)

35¬: More natural plants(trees that sway in wind ,small plants crushed by human feet etc)

36¬: More detailed and convincing terrain: streams, long grass ditches, power pylons, hedges etc

*tunnels as well as trenches can exist,

*destroyable roads and runways

*more bridges or more choke points in general

37¬:Better water simulation with

*swimming (swimming ability partially dependant on unit type/injuries etc),  +scuba/ underwater travel (possibly with submersible craft)

*translucent water,

*full visual and audio effects (rotor downwash from helicopters, splashes from projectiles or vehicles entering and waves implemented

*water able to exist at different levels (not one global level) and water able to ‘flow’ down (such as in rivers)

38¬:Greater visual interactivity between environment and models such as soldiers or vehicles getting muddy, wet, snow covered depending on surface etc

39¬:Larger and more varied urban areas.

40¬:Large harbour/dock areas for naval vessels

41¬: Realistic variation seen in organic objects (especially humans-peoples height, width etc)

42¬: Animals represented-Birds in forests/trees   -fish is sea -cats in towns  (an option to turn on/off ‘environmental animals’ OR only available at higher detail settings?) –also guard dogs available/possible that have functional role (cannot be turned off)

43¬: Seasonal environment changes if possible graduated over a series of months

* flowers for spring summer, trees go brown in autumn/winter etc

44¬: New weather system with full weather effects –more atmospheric dust(parched-hot weather)

-rain(hot-cold weather)-sleet,snow(cold-freezing weather)- scalable intensity of weather effects, scalable wind speed etc with set conditions for times of year eg.

-snow and all other weather effects possible with extreme weather sometimes occurring (hurricanes snow storms etc) and settable in mission editor

-Scalable temperature ,or temperature fluctuates (up high summer ,down low winter, higher in daylight lower at night) with effects on maps and has effect on human endurance (may effect thermal vision if implemented)

*ice on roads etc.


45¬: Greater range of vehicles in general (possibly with new specialised vehicle based unit types and more functionality for certain existing vehicles like support vehicles)

46¬:Heavy transport vehicles (trucks able to transport armour, landing craft, transport aircraft etc)

47¬:Submersible craft (Spec. op mini submarines) and more boats/water craft including landing craft (+ maybe gunboats for shore bombardment and aircraft carriers for launching sea based attacks) with possibility of large sea battles

48¬:New vehicle class 'trains' implemented for larger islands (with train tracks, train stations ,signals etc modelled)

49¬:Working coaxial machine guns for tanks

50¬:Vehicles can visually be seen to carry cargo(e.g. ammo crate) when it is placed in the vehicle (perhaps in a cargo ‘slot’ or just using engine physics to hold it in)

51¬:Melee weapons for melee combat. -fist, -knife, -rifle butt, -bayonet

52¬:Entrenching tools to be used for digging foxholes (if deformable terrain implemented)

53¬:AP mines including command detonated (claymores etc)

54¬:Less zooming of certain iron sight weapons such as the M2 (perhaps accompanied by greater use of optics for zooming)

55¬:More gadgets available or possible including wire cutters, flash lights, latest GPS etc.

56¬:Large controllable flashlights for bases (may be mounted on towers and perhaps also on vehicles)

57¬:New vehicle ‘Med evac.chopper’ and/or more functionality to existing APC ambulances

*with stretchers available for wounded people

58¬:More light vehicles with mounted(or mountable) weapon systems (HMMWV mounted with TOW, more troop carriers/trucks etc with heavy weapons or AT/AA systems)

59¬:Hand grenades with timers as well as (or instead of ) impact grenades (so grenades can bounce and roll across terrain etc)

60¬:More specialist vehicles (eg Bridge building tanks) using engineers and other specialist units

61¬:Army ,Navy +Marines and Airforce portrayed realistically as separate forces (army vehicle and soldier models, navy boat and sailor models, air force aircraft and air force personnel )  with individual divisions-battalions portrayed and selectable

(  with unit tags/force structures etc-)

62¬:Civilian emergency units - Police, Paramedics and fire-fighters along with the appropriate vehicles. Possibly with routines to react automatically to injured civilians and gunfire (civilians must report?), etc.

63¬:Artillery and more indirect fire units (whether 105mm artillery, mortars ,MLRS systems etc)

64¬:Separate weapons( with multiple modes)  such as rifle and grenades, so one key will cycle through weapon types and one key to cycle through only rates/modes of fire.

65¬:Realistic Ammo.

-Instead of having magazines unique to each weapon, how about making ammunition that is standardized between NATO and the WP? For example, instead of M16 magazines and XM-177E magazines, you have standard NATO 30 round 5.56mm magazines. That way, a squad with M16s, M-4s, XM-177Es, G36s and other 5.56mm weapons can pick up and use any 5.56mm ammo from the dead and wounded.

So e.g.

Ammunition Magazines:


50x4.7mmN (caseless, for German G11)

20x5.56mmN (early 5.56mm magazines, used by US in Vietnam)

25x5.56mmN (for FAMAS)

30x5.56mmN (standard 30-round 5.56mm magazine, used on SA80, AUG, G36, M-16, M-4, etc.)

5x7.62mmN (5-round magazine for PSG-1, etc.)

10x7.62mmN (for various sniper rifles, etc.)

20x7.62mmN (20-round magazine for FN FAL, G3, M-14, etc.)

10x9mmN (pistol magazine)

15x9mmN (pistol magazine)

30x9mmN (MP-5)

10x12.7mm (for .50cal sniper rifles)

Warsaw Pact

30x5.45mmW (standard AK-74/AKSU-74/RPK-74 magazine)

40x5.45mmW (for RPK-74)

45x5.45mmW (for RPK-74)

10x7.62mmW (for SVD, SKS, etc.)

30x7.62mmW (for AK-47)

40x7.62mmW (For RPK-47)

75x7.62mmW (For RPK-47)

8x9mmW (for pistol)

NATO Belt Ammunition

200x5.56mmN (for SAW/Minimi)

100x7.62mmN (for FN MAG/M-60, etc.)

200x7.62mmN (for FN MAG/M-60, etc.)

50x12.7mmN (for .50cal)

100x12.7mmN (for .50cal)

Warsaw Pact Belt Ammunition

100x7.62mmW (for PK, RPD, etc.)

200x7.62mmW (for PK, RPD, etc.)

50x12.7mmW (for NSV, etc.)

100x12.7mmW (for NSV, etc.)

66¬:More representation of women in the game


67¬:Increased role-playing.

*Unit types with different skills/roles (sniper, engineer, radio operator able to call airstrikes etc) and more to differentiate between them. So untrained personnel may be less able to perform certain tasks such as tank controlling, using sniper rifle properly…

e.g. somewhat decreased accuracy with weapons not trained for, decreased functionality (weapons/vehicles lose features for untrained personnel) etc

(Black-op might be fully trained for all infantry weapons/light vehicles)

* more scope for specialist units in general -e.g. ability to have engineers build bridges across small rivers (with appropriate vehicles)

68¬:Increased range of actions (and role) for medics e.g. repair(dress?) left leg/repair right leg/repair left arm /repair right arm/repair chest wound /repair head wound ,with chest and head wounds being more urgent/life threatening, more use of medical vehicles for supplies and ‘healing’ equipment etc

69¬:Med evac. with available choppers and med APCs (can radio request with automatically assigned callsigns) for seriously wounded

70¬:More realistic battle wound effects. Some movement penalties for medically 'healed' leg wounds etc (only more minor injuries fully repairable by medics)

71¬:New status of ‘incapacitated’ too badly wounded to move/fight (would mean end of mission for player- but not death if reached by a medic(enemy or friendly) incorporating

*Increased ‘life sign’ modelling (incapacitated person may slowly bleed to death if not attended to by medic)

*more status categories for medics to assess/treat e.g., lightly wounded, heavily wounded, critically wounded

*enemy medics can heal incapacitated friendly units and friendly medics can heal an  incapacitated enemy. ’Healed’ units become captives(disarmed) .Useful for capturing wounded enemy officers etc.

72¬:New melee combat system (using new melee weapons and ability to pick up/use environment objects)

73¬:Ability to rappel (or ‘fast rope’ ) out of helicopters implemented

(eg CH-47 equipped with item ‘rappelling device’ enabling passengers to rappel out when ordered)

74¬:More integral sea warfare in the game

75¬:Ability for naval vessels to somehow ‘dock’

76¬:Ability to somehow set the aim of tank cannons, artillery pieces and indirect fire weapons realistically by degrees in vertical and horizontal, then we can fire precisely to 3500m (e.g. if you press shift, you can type it in or the mouse will slow down, and writes the degrees on screen)

77¬:Simplify the command menu further to make giving orders quicker and more intuitive but also give it more functionality

*Standard Operating Procedures implemented (see AI) ,by selecting an SOP in the menu, you'd pull up a list of some standard battle drills

78¬:Artillery/ indirect fire system fully implemented (perhaps with AI able to act as ‘spotters’)

79¬:Working aircraft  co-pilot position enabling take over of flight control. Pilot can assign co-pilot flight control or co-pilot can take over (by menu command or automatically) if pilot is killed/injured

80¬:Opening a parachute can be performed as a manual action for HALO jumps

81¬:Measurement of stamina (preferably through audio/visual cues rather than a bar) when running with tiredness exhaustion and then total exhaustion leading to inability to sprint or a similar penalty (would still recover over time)-could be influenced by unit class  (spec ops for example has higher exhaustion level, civilian very low)

82¬:Revised and more intuitive menu/orders system (but also more adaptability such as custom made formations)

83¬:Customisable briefing (you can make/edit notes in the briefing stage and in game)

84¬:In depth mission planning possible (especially for CQB and spec ops missions) and in game waypoint setting  (outside mission editor- in briefing or in game)

85¬:More varied civilian activity with simple scripted routines to give them a little "life"

-perhaps also some for idle troops

(these routines would also be easily usable by mission makers in the editor)

86¬:REALISTIC jumping.

*with weight of inventory objects taken into account

Eg civilian or lightly armed resistance or blacktop can jump as normal ,AT soldier or soldier with AT mines little or no jumping (encumbered)

, regular combat load very small jumping dependant on inventory weight ( jumping may also increase tiredness)

*or possibly menu based and situation dependant jumping

87¬:More varied radio traffic in game and more realistic implementation of radio.

*More fluid and dynamic with lot's more variation in speech and situational

*radio not usually used for intra-squad communication

*Radio frequencies. For example squads A,B and C are all on frequency 2 and share information

whilst tank platoons Y and Z are on frequency 3 and share information but not with those on frequency 2

- Perhaps in a hierarchical system HQ (or higher ranked units with radio access) may have access to all frequencies.

*Specialist radio operators (if implemented or player/commander if not)

can contact other call signs and issue basic requests…

eg ALPHA1*supply vehicles*-we need resupplying @ coordinates X,Y,  

GAMMA1*ground formation*-reinforce our position @ coordinates X,Y

ECHO2*ground/air/artillery*- attack target /request fire mission @ coordinates X,Y, WHISKEY3*med evac*-collect casualties @ coordinates X,Y)

88¬:Voices not radio used for communication within squads at close range

*with personal  vocal communication possible -including intuitive person2person talking (possibly by ‘selecting/targeting’ a person and choosing from a range of spoken/shouted comments (volume depending on distance from player)

-whispers or low volume used when in stealth mode

*with more emotion heard when a person goes down and more shouting in general during combat

*hand signals may be used when close and in stealth mode

89¬:Realistic Inventory. Every soldier(/vehicle) be given proper and realistic cargo/inventory space. This means that all personnel should be allowed to carry a minimum basic combat load of weapons and ammunition. Additionally, there should be an option to allow overloading (to simulate rucksacks).

Currently, OFP allows the following (for a basic rifleman):

1 Rifle

3-6 ammunition magazines

4-6 hand grenades

A basic combat load for a rifleman, in OFP terms, is the following:

1 Rifle

9 30-round ammunition magazines

2 hand grenades

A realistic combat load for a rifleman, in OFP terms, is the following:

1 Rifle

10-15 30-round ammunition magazines

4 hand grenades

1 100-round belt of 7.62mm ammunition

1 60mm mortar round

1 LAW rocket

A realistic combat load for a grenadier, in OFP terms, is the following:

1 M16/M203 (or equivalent)

9 30-round ammunition magazines

18 40mm grenades (in ammo vest, usually 12 HE, 4 smoke, 2 flare)

A realistic combat load for an anti-armor specialist, in OFP terms, is the following:

1 Rifle

1 AT weapon system (AT4, RPG-7, Dragon, AT-7, etc.)

9 30-round ammunition magazines

(1-4 reloads. RPG rounds are small, Dragon and AT-7 missiles are large)

A realistic combat load for a machine gunner, in OFP terms, is the following:

1 machinegun

1 pistol

5-8 100-round ammunition belts

3-5 pistol magazines

90¬: More focus and support for MP gaming in general

*cooperative multiplayer campaign (with consecutive playable missions)

91¬:More detailed debriefing available (especially in MP) with

*Wounded In Action (WIA) and Killed In Action (KIA)for both/all sides listed +MIA/ captured?

*number, accuracy of rounds fired by player etc

92¬:Team system for MP points e.g. gunner, commander and driver in a tank all get credit or share credit for a tank kill , or e.g. (No. of kills (Infantry, Air ,Armour) + Flags captured) & Teamkills = Total Score ) thus increasing motivation for cooperation

* MP- team kill punishments

93¬:Listing of those in vehicle with player (when in command position or driver, gunner etc ) esp. for MP games

94¬:The mission screen (especially in MP, when selecting missions) to not only display mission name, but also able to display number of players, add-ons required etc.

95¬:Increased use of music, music in briefing and some other stages(option to turn off)




96¬:The editor and tools released as soon as possible (accompanied by information as soon as is possible)

97¬:Integrated text editor in the mission editor (for script editing).

98¬:Integrated briefing editor within the mission editor

99¬:Option to install integrated terrain maker (like integrated mission editor)

100¬:Visual 3D (or information) preview of objects in editor


102¬:Command line parser within the actual game

103¬:Real dynamic creation of objects (instead of the current camCreate)

104¬:Real-time programming features like threadsafe, semaphores etc.

105¬:Exception handling

106¬:Observer mode ('floating' controllable camera) in editor for quick previewing

107¬:More capable user friendly 'easy' mode

*including a list or section in the editor with all the(important) commands etc listed(with descriptions) removing the need to memorize codes and scripts (still possible manually)

* More user friendly editor for outros/intros

108¬:Allow the user to select alliances between any of the sides.  (e.g. Side A troops & Side B troops cooperating against C the guerrillas etc)

109¬:Easily assignable call signs for any units and multiple assignable radio frequencies (A, B ,C ,D) e.g. ‘Med evac.Chopper1’ call sign Delta1 can be radioed requests in game

110¬:Scripting commands for getting and setting yaw, pitch, and roll of an object, perhaps with an array of three angles.  Combined with the velocity commands would make a lot possible in terms of cutscenes.(eg object setOrientation [yaw, pitch, roll]; )

111¬:Proxy weapons available for all vehicle weapons, rocket pods etc

112¬:Indicate unit language when a unit is added into the editor. (have default languages for ‘sides’ e.g. west ENGLISH , east RUSSIAN, resistance CZECH(?)  etc)

For example, if you load up a sniper for the East forces, it would default to Russian language (local subtitles) maybe through addons it might be possible to change this in the future to English, Dutch or Swahili. So they'd all have the same basic vocalizations, but it would just be in a different language.

113¬: Easily assignable call signs for various units (not reliant on triggers)

114¬: Cargo positions somehow assigned with numbers so soldiers can occupy particular spaces/positions

115¬: The ability to have vehicles (or soldiers) follow specific paths or actual equations. Way points can achieve straight lines but not specific turns. Also this would be using 3-D coordinates.... for example (in 2-D) a vehicle travelling the equation y=x^2  would travel in a parabolic path; maybe have a ‘link’ command to link one equation to the another once the first path was completed   (then precise flying paths could be made and possibly trains too) ,setposition can do this but at great expense to the CPU

116¬: Modular system for terrain creation (possibility of combining maps/islands?)




117¬:More independent and adaptive AI with less need for micro managing individual units

118¬:AI that will use their weapons more effectively

*RPG soldier who will sometimes shoot a rocket at a concentration of enemy troops

*black ops who will use their satchel charges against armoured targets

* AI on the ground who shoot at helicopters and aircraft (if low enough and slow enough) including using APCs tanks and infantry (including AT/RPG  weapons)

119¬:An 'autonomous' mode that when enabled causes eg

*automatic (no scripting) use of smoke/ flares (when equipped) by AI squads in appropriate situations,

*-Curiosity- e.g. automatic movement towards (or away from) enemy or spotted unknown entities (unknown man at 600m) and automatic movement towards (or away) from known or unknown sounds ,especially ‘suspicious’ battle related sounds

*the ability to automatically call nearby reinforcements (depending on how radio is implemented),

-this would make unpredictable (even for the maker) and engrossing missions easy and quick to construct in the editor.

120¬:More modes/states in menu such as existing safe, stealth etc. e.g. in 'high alert' mode any shot heard means immediate random searching of the area for a given time +alerting of nearby allies

121¬:An auto-rearm order that can be toggled (for AI to rearm 'appropriately' without further orders and ability for AI to pick up AT weapons from bodies if enemy armour is spotted

122¬:AI disperses or regroups and uses cover better in urban areas, moving stealthily along walls, crouching behind fences etc  

*AI able to enter buildings and clear them realistically of hostiles(or take up sniping positions)

123¬:Ability to order AI to shoot indirect fire weapons (mortar, grenade launcher, artillery) or area effect weapons at an area (like a grid reference) instead of at a specific target...possibly even with forward observers directing the fire

* AI machine gunners can use suppressive fire -and AI are 'intimidated' by suppressive fire (and in general by high volumes of arms fire close to them)

124¬:Greater information pooling between various AI units and also player (including between different squads with spotters, scouts etc)

125¬:Smoke (from smoke grenades as well as from fires) affects AI vision realistically

126¬:Greater range of sight for AI -when alert-. *will make greater use of optics to spot and engage very distant enemies- 600m+ to maximum visual range including as commander/gunner in vehicles with optics (so if viewdistance is 3000 then AI can engage and visually target up to 3000 –dependant on weapons )

127¬:Quicker reactions for AI in very close quarters battle (possibly including inaccurate ‘panic firing’ for inexperienced AI)

128¬:AI cannot automatically identify the enemy at long range when the enemy is in a stolen vehicle (e.g. western black op in UAZ) , the AI must specifically 'see' the enemy in a stolen vehicle close up to identify it as enemy (or be alerted by other AI who have already ‘spotted’ it)

129¬:A new mode where AI are ordered to hold fire but will open up if compromised instead of having to set engagement manually

130¬:More separate -ground vehicle ,-air vehicle,  -infantry tactics/strategy routines for AI

131¬: Improved aircraft pilot AI with specific tactics for –Defence -AG attack and -AA attack

*AI can try to ‘auto rotate’ helicopters down if engine is shot out in flight

132¬: Ejection from a plane or chopper by the player pilot or commander automatically ejects his gunner/subordinates as well so that AI follows player and does not die if aircraft is obviously crashing

(or improved AI awareness of an aircraft that is going down , especially without pilot)

133¬:AI has Ability to run while crouched (used for darting between cover)

134¬: Standard Operating Procedures. By clicking an SOP radio channel, you'd pull up a list of a few basic battle drills.

-e.g. ‘cross danger area’ where you'd click on the map/ground to indicate where the danger area was and a number of your squad members would automatically take up security positions while the rest crossed over, and they'd meet up with you after a set distance

-other practical SOPs e.g. ‘overwatch’ (one unit moves while the other covers, then the covering unit moves up and the process repeats), ‘perimeter defence’ (squad forms a circle, everyone pointing outwards), etc

135¬: A ‘follow me’ order for commanders/team leaders  (AI follows exact course behind player) for dense terrain, buildings etc.

136¬: ‘Halt!’/’Continue!’ orders. When ‘Halted’ the AI continue to memorise the previous orders and the ‘Continue!’ order sets them back on that course

137¬: AI can use Bunkers effectively  and doesn’t go prone in them when the enemy approaches

138¬: AI will surrender when in proximity to the enemy and in very bad circumstances (dependant on troops type? Eg less likely-impossible  for black ops? Or On/Off unit ‘surrender ability’ toggle in editor?)

140¬: Ability to tell squad to either spread out or close up formation (wide, medium ,close). Sometimes moving very close together (urban, forest terrain) and sometimes AI to be  5-10m apart  (like when crossing open areas.)

*Ability to set custom formations unit by unit that the AI will hold when moving

141¬: Prevent situation of the AI spotting the enemy close up but running right past them for a distance ( can happen unrealistically)

For example could there be an AI running/shooting/ other action priority so that when the enemy is -very- close the ‘shooting’ or

Attack priority will go right up (90/100%) and the ‘running/action’ priority will go down (10-0%)




142¬:Engine supporting OpenGL

143¬:(JIP)Ability to dynamically join in MP games (not including coop)

144¬:Textures use .BMP format. Allow easier importation of 3D models.

145¬:Easier (more user friendly) modding and retexturing

146¬:user friendly ability to edit and add animations and models

147¬:Easier implementation and removal of mods that doesn’t require overwriting,

uninstall/reinstall etc

148¬:Ability to (relatively) easily input custom voices for your character

149¬: Full joystick/ and various related peripherals support for aircraft control

150¬: Official approval system for community mods (with official project/ possibly competions  e.g. who can make the best add-on of….(winner gets add-on released officially)

-Certain basic standards for officially released community add-ons

(…ah, happily this one seems to have come more or less true before I even released the list smile.gif )



CAMPAIGN IDEAS (dynamic and/or multiple paths)

151- A. Multiple, specialised campaigns dependant on a chosen career. E.g. A chopper pilot might be assigned to unarmed (or lightly armed) transport missions, then move on to armed transport, special op night insertions, scout and recon missions/choppers then finally be assigned as a gunship gunner and finally as the gunship pilot. A soldier or driver might move through similar ranks that can be justified in the campaign's story as it evolves.


152- B. Dynamic campaign option (limited forces and resources) played out in real time (with time acceleration of course possible)

*with objectives that change depending on your (and other) successes or failures.

* with greater in game time acceleration possible at least for commanders (e.g. wait to attack at night)

General campaign ideas-

153¬:Effects from previous missions carry into rest of campaign (number or friendly/enemy troops, number of aircraft/armour in battlespace etc)

154¬:Support for commanding multiple squads.

155¬: +NATO or other new forces

* More nationalities/forces represented (multiple NATO or other countries)

156¬:Player can move up the echelons of command ,play in higher ranks and have greater ability to command,(command and outfit multiple platoons, marshalling air/armour assets etc)

especially related to dynamic campaign

157¬:Greater element of unit management in pre-combat phase (+post combat?)

158¬:The ability for the player to give medals (or even promotions)  if the player reaches a higher rank –also the ability to receive medals for certain actions in lower ranks

159¬:Player is able to dynamically surrender in certain circumstances (throwing down weapon in close proximity to enemy when all nearby friendly units dead for example) and if captured in a campaign then the player must complete an escape mission to return to that campaign (perhaps with any future escape missions being made more difficult)




160¬: Full key bindings for different in game controls complete set of bindings for controlling infantry, -one for ground vehicles(tracked and wheeled variations), -one for air vehicles (helicopter and airplane variations)

161¬:Unmappable Left Mouse Button LMB

162¬:A ‘very rapid movement’ key, for getting up or down very quickly (eg jumping up to fire and diving quickly down) possibly the 'run' key could increase speed when getting up/down (brings down immediate accuracy?)

163¬:Maximum REALISM options.(also performance related). If all of the features here are to be as realistic as possible then there might be a 'simple' mode with more arcade style controls +ability to disable most simulation and realism features ( real flight model ,ballistics model, damage model +other hardcore aspects etc) so really a continuation and great expansion of the current difficulty options. If anything here sounds too realistic (could make the game too difficult for casual players) then assume that it could be enabled/disabled in difficulty/realism options (with ‘easy’ being default.)

164¬: New realism option (on/off) of no on screen round count for typical personal weapons (ie you have to count listening to number of bullets- vehicles with indicators might still have visual tracking

165¬: Realism option (on/off) –parachutes automatically detach OR realistically have to be manually released (and quickly when in water- parachutes in water make player start to drown)

166¬: Realism option (on/off) for less effective (more realistic) repairs, refuelling and rearming abilities, major damage irreparable (in short term), realistic (or semi-realistic) time frame for repairs ,rearming and refuelling-when switched off then repairs similar to current OFP (a little more arcade like)

167¬: Maximum scalability of performance including huge scalability and adjustability of graphics with increased view distances possible

*View distance scalable in game options(?).  

168¬: Some new -unusual- game aspects and mods (or ability for Add-on /mission makers to easily create them)

*New ‘crazy’ or 'fun' game types (see also ‘wacky’ ‘zany’ ‘looodicrous’)

*maybe some new racing missions or other non battle related missions or game types


I made this list (as comprehensive as i could make it) from the old addons list but then stopped organising or adding to it when more information started to come out about OFP 2

I thought i might as well do something with it though so i finished it and posted it here.(i know theres already one pinned but what the hey)

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thats a Damn long list you´ve got there! How long did it take for you to write all that??

Anyway, Great work!

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Yea, I think that this should be pinned...

Or if the person who have done the one that is pinned can just copy this and edit his post with it, that's probibly the easyest way of solwing this...  wink.gif especially since this has answers, those are rellay unnessesery to have... tounge.gif

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C'est magnifique, n'est ce pas? Probably the most comprehensive and detailed i have read, with a lot of excellent and most importantly feasible ideas for OFP2!

                                                                    ROLL ON THE REAL THING!!

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Couldn´t find the Divideable teams/squads, With appropriate commanders discussion from there, i think it would fit very nicely there. And secondly these suggestions should be focused on the equipment that were available in that time period, late 60´s if i remember correctly. For instance there weren´t thermal sight´s back then.

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maybe not, but i would of thought atleast the possibility of it for any "modern day" type mods, would only be a matter of time before someone made/ported say an M1 Abrams or something and would want thermal sights, sort of like current NVGs, people have been screaming for modability of that...

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I like all those ideas except this one:

</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">

65¬:Realistic Ammo.

-Instead of having magazines unique to each weapon, how about making ammunition that is standardized between NATO and the WP? For example, instead of M16 magazines and XM-177E magazines, you have standard NATO 30 round 5.56mm magazines. That way, a squad with M16s, M-4s, XM-177Es, G36s and other 5.56mm weapons can pick up and use any 5.56mm ammo from the dead and wounded.

<span id='postcolor'>

Although in theory all 5.56 ammunition is the same, there is a real difference between 5.56 american and 5.56 European. Using one type in a rifle not designed for it will work... but not very well - lots of jams and possibly misfires. So you might get problems if you stuck an m16 mag into a G36, and vice versa. Although I suppose they could say the european weapons had been optimised for yank ammo since they were fighting together or something.

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Very good list smile.gif

BIS are going to be busy for the next 1 and a half+ years if they want to implement the majority of these things. I would really like to see the listed things implemented. I'm wouldn't be surprised if we don't get quite a few of the things listed, but if we get even half of them implemented... we will have a very good game. But we already knew we were getting a good game didn't we? wink.gif

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well, then the guns should be able to jams and misfires smile.gif

really good work man! that's a dam good list smile.gif

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If this is a summary of the suggestions made in all the threads, I sure hope you put in everyones suggestions, even if you don't like them. wink.gif

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Actually separate topics about different features are much more usefull (at least for us at BIS), as they are easier to read and navigate. The discussion in such topics is also much more on-the-topic, as the topic is clearly defined. I hope you will not be offended if I close it here.

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