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Trigger a trigger, i know its out there!

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sorry, couldnt find it. ive done it before, just doesnt want to work with 1.91. I need to trip a trigger in order for another trigger to be able to be tripped trig1 then trig2.

thanks Dustin.

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This is how I do it. Put an init trigger in to start a variable as false. Add a line to the on activation field of your first trigger to set that variable to true. Make the variable being true a part of the second trigger's condition.

Init Trigger

condition: true

on activation: somevariable = false

Trigger 1

condition: this

on activation: whateveryouwanttodo; somevariable = true

Trigger 2

condition: this AND somevariable

onactivation: whateverelseyouwanttodo

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