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system/antivirus slowing arma?

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I realized i used to have 70+fps on arma when i first installed this rig, i've recently followed a popular performance increase vid and done literally everything.
I've gotten no change, before 31-41fps, now 31-41fps.
I've got a 4090RTX

128gb ram 

Game running on a M2 4.0 SSD

13th gen Intel core.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend just installed the game (same mods, same server, same everything) on a much less impressive pc (only difference is that its newly installed and doesnt have any antivirus, not even windows defender).

She runs at a STAGGERING 200fps, even in multiplayer matches with many people, ai and scripts ect.

I am mind boggled, jealous and outraged that my pc has over time become magically hardlocked at 40fps. (I have tried doing the shift + NUmbad -, and it's said to unlimited fps).


Question is, would factory resetting my pc or removing my Bitdefender boost arma?

If YES, Why?
how could my antivirus have such a major effect or
What on earth have i done to my system that has killed my arma fps and performance over a couple years.

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