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Respawn point set directly between two different squads

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I've been searching for awhile now and trying to implement into multiple missions but haven't quite gotten it yet. How would someone like myself, set a respawn point using a marker directly between two squads?

I have a marker set as "respawn_west_Alpha" and I use:

while {true} do
        //Moves base marker in the editor to position of vehicle every 45 seconds
            "Respawn_west_Alpha" setmarkerpos getpos p1;
            sleep 45;

but I still haven't been able to get it working with two. The reason I am trying for this is because I play with AI and they respawn on any position with respawn_west in it and if its multiplayer. If there are multiple I'm pretty sure they respawn on random ones, and I want this mission to have two player led squads that requires a lot of teamwork, so it makes sense for the squads to stay close and only use one respawn point that follows. If I can figure this out, as well as getting two squads to spawn on two seperate points, I'd be set.

Any feedback is great, appreciate your time reading this

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To get a point inbetween two points, you can use vectorLinearConversion, so instead of:

"Respawn_west_Alpha" setMarkerPos getPos p1;

you can do:

"Respawn_west_Alpha" setMarkerPos (vectorLinearConversion [0, 1, 0.5, getPos p1, getPos p2]);


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