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Spaceobject universal cloud smoke volumetric polygonal model

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Hi dear Community, always on my custom projects developements.

i finaly finalised one of my shared project for help the developement from dlc creators and game moders.

that contains a files for creating your 3d low poly clouds effects 😉

i developed that particles for creating my 3d flak 36 88mm effects.



you can be use that for creating your white and black smoke particles effects and a white puff rvmat.

can be also used for creating your 3d sky clouds effects.


eazly to use from your custom cloudets config with a spaceobject particle shape.

low poly you can be use that with a maximum particles without affect a game fps.


from sharing pleasure and help the developement of a news 3d particles effects.




download link:





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Finiched explosions effects with only polygonal models.



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