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[SP] Survivor: 10 Year Anniversary

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Hello fellow Arma players! Is there anyone still remembering the original "Survivor" simple mission in Girna that blew up when Arma was still in Alpha? Well, it has been more than 10 years and I thought that it's time to create a PROPER sequel :)




Survivor is back!

Prevail as a Survivor against numerous bullies! Use the environment, skills, equipment and fallen enemies' gear to annihilate those pesky bullies that just want you dead!

10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago, I've created and published a mission called "Survivor". It was a simple small mission set up entirely in the old 2D editor using triggers, waypoints and units. That mission became my first workshop success in Arma 3 community and is still played and praised today! 
To remind you of this mission and to pay proper respect to the community - I've created this sequel, packed with action, story line, comic pages and inovative gameplay features, that will keep you busy for the entirety of this rollercoaster!



10 story missions , each being more difficult and complex as you progress
4 secret missions , that you can unlock by inspecting certain items in the world (can be found during story missions)
78+ comic (manga) pages explaining the story line and secrets
24 music songs , picked from Epidemic Music!
- 36+ secret images explaining my personal history
Epic gameplay features during certain missions! 
- Ultimate challenge that gets harder the more you accomplish
- Fast restart after death (no waiting for the mission reload)
- Death cam (enjoy your suffering in slowmo)



Steam Workshop

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