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[SP] Nogovan Honor | Nogovan Armed Forces

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[SP] Nogovan Honor | Nogovan Armed Forces



The year is 1992… the fires of battle rage on Everon

Enlist as an elite trooper, a Highland Ranger, and lead a counter-attack against pro-Soviet extremist elements in the highlands of Everon



It is August 1992, it has been roughly half a year since the Soviet Union collapsed, sending shockwaves across the world.


The humble island chain nation of Nogova had seen years of strife under the Soviet Union's sponsorship and support of communist extremists on the Novogan islands, and most principally, Everon. It was a relief to many to see the USSR collapse. It was thought it would lead to the collapse of the years-long hostilities between the Novogan Government and the Communist Extremists on Everon. However this was not the case, in fact, it seems the collapse of the USSR has only emboldened and inspired the extremists.


The extremists were known to conduct ambushes on Nogovan Law Enforcement and Military forces, the occasional terror attack, and some kidnapping. However - they had never taken up arms in mass, until now.



  • 10-15 Minutes of Urban Infantry Combat
  • Cold War Era Equipment and Units
  • A Detailed Briefing



  • Thank you to the developers of Global Mobilization for creating a fantastic CDLC.
  • Thank you to R0adki11 for creating the awesome Nogovan Armed Forces mod.
  • Thank you to Ture Right for creating Everon Reforged.


Steam Workshop Page

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