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Gunter Severloh

Desert OPS Run II - Close Quarters

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This is a massive infantry based tactical arena where you can practice CQB, & MOUT
tactics solo or in coop, or just to shoot some enemies for fun!
        Based on my Desert OPS Run - Tactical arena seen here:
this new arena is half the size and designed to be more close quarters oriented.
        Fight against enemy Ai soldiers from a vanilla or mod faction of your choice that when set to
AUTO will patrol the area and respawn once killed after so much time.
 When set to MANUAL, you can spawn as many enemy AI squads as you wish.
               An option to garrison the arena with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 120
soldiers is ideal for CQB or stealth combat.  



Steam Workshop v1.2

Altis - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3036966230

Malden - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3038472108

Stratis - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3038053862

VR - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3038040440

TDM - Team Death Match - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3039384506

Desert OPS Run II All versions - (Google Drive)

Google Drive zip v1.2

Custom Plank System
While your on the hunt or are being hunted by the enemy squads, you can access all buildings
either by ladder, platform, plank, staircase, ramp, roof, or walkway.
Optional Tasks
There are optional tasks you can complete, locate and destroy 5 caches, kill an
commander, and locate and eliminate an enemy garrisoned soldiers that will complete
and end the mission.

  •     No DLCs, or Mods required.
  •     Play as and with any faction from any mod.
  •     Choose what faction side you want to be on at mission start.
  •     Choose what enemy faction you want to fight against.
  •     Choose what enemy soldiers will garrison the buildings in the arena.
  •     Play it Solo or with friends.
  •     8 Player Coop with Revive.
  •     Playing solo via MP lan you will respawn in 2 seconds.
  •     Change Weather in MP Parameters.
  •     Change Time of day by hour in MP Parameters.
  •     Change AI Difficulty in MP Parameters.
  •     Change if you have stamina or not in MP Parameters.
  •     Change Weapon sway & recoil in MP Parameters.
  •     Change Garrison Strength in MP Parameters.
  •     Change Enemy Spawn mode in MP Parameters.
  •     Change Player Stats in MP Parameters.

 Mission Start
At mission start player chooses from a GUI Menu:
    - What side you want to fight on:   Blufor, Opfor, or Independent.
    - What faction you want patrolling the arena and want to fight against, you can choose vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded.
    - What faction you want to garrison the buildings throughout the arena either with vanilla faction, or faction based on mod loaded.

  •     Custom plank system will allow you to:  Access all building via ladder, platform, plank, staircase, ramp, roof, or walkway.
  •     Auto Spawn mode - Enemy AI will patrol arena, and respawn after a set time after all group members are dead.
  •     Manual Spawn mode - Player can spawn enemy AI squad factions that will patrol the arena of choice as many as they wish.
  •     Enemy garrisoned soldiers will be randomly placed inside and outside buildings at mission start.
  •     Enemy Hunter AI - patrolling AI will hunt the player enter buildings and perform CQB if player location is known.
  •     Full Briefing with 7 Optional tasks.
  •     8 - 120 man garrisoned enemy soldiers in random positions in any of the buildings ( Optional Task).
  •     Player apon death will have option to be revived if playing coop with other players.
  •     Player apon death will respawn in 2 second at 1 of 4 player starting locations if solo.
  •     Player apon death can self revive/self heal without needing to respawn if a fak/medkit is in their gear.
  •     Player apon respawn can choose the location they wish to respawn at.
  •     Access to Virtual Arsenal to change uniform, weapons, loadout & gear.
  •     Save and load your loadout on the fly outside of Arsenal.
  •     Fully heal if/when wounded if you return back to any one of the player starting locations.
  •     All dead bodies, weapons, and player dropped items will delete within 4 minutes.
  •     Weather, Time of day, & AI Skill level can be adjusted in the MP Parameters.
  •     Mission set on desert of Altis Map.
  •     32 custom placed buildings and over 1,351 custom placed objects.
  •     Surrounding wall system, with custom bump outs for player and AI spawn.
  •     Safe zone for AI and player to prevent access to their starting areas.
  •     Ability to reset your stats kill score.

To play Solo on MP Lan:
1. Go to Multiplayer  
2. Server browser  
3. Host Server  
4. Type in server name, # of players, password  
5. Choose map on left (Altis) and the mission on right.  
6. Adjust the Parameters (top right)in the player lobby before you start the mission.

I want to thank the following members of the Arma community
 for their work/help with my mission:
* Rydygier - for help with code for the player ammobox, respawn, factions, and GUI scripts.
* Norrin - for his AI_respawn_UPS which Rydygier helped to port to Arma3.
* pierremgi - for his help with code for transferring the briefing on teamswitch.
* Kronzky - for his Urban Patrol Script.
* DaVidoSS - for his cleanup script.
* aeroson - for his get and set loadout script.
* Sushi - for his Garrison Script.
* Hortzy - for his Parameters code, and help.
* Czarny - for his testing, feedback and ideas.
* sidekick7569 - for his testing, & feedback.

Edited by Gunter Severloh
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Gunter, Enjoying the mission. We are unable to complete the mission, despite destroying all caches, killing the required players. The mission "resets" the caches and marks the Commander as still alive. These all re-appear in the Task section. Additionally the AI respawn seems a bit OP. Any tips?




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Hi thanks.

14 hours ago, ozpax said:

We are unable to complete the mission

I looked into it and found i forgot to remove the code to the other caches from the original mission which the trigger that

checks to end the mission was looking for 2 more caches that werent there but were considered still alive.

So those are removed, i just did a play test with 8 garrison, and destroyed all the caches, killed the garrison and the commander and mission ended completed.

    So the mission is updated now with the fix.


13 hours ago, ozpax said:

Additionally the AI respawn seems a bit OP

I hope you understand that you have the option in the parameters before mission start that you can

set the AI patrol spawn to either manual or automatic.

If you leave the patrols at automatic then they will spawn and patrol and then after killing them all, theres about 10-12 ai soldiers

that spawn every couple of minutes if not longer i forget the exact time.


   If you set the parameter to manual then you can spawn the patrols as much as you want, they wont spawn til you

use that action in your action menu Spawn Patrol

I recommend you use that instead, remember everything is customizable in the parameters in the lobby prior to mission start.




- Fixed mission not ending complete after all mission caches were destroyed.

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