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Custom missions by Borkorus

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As of now, this mission pack is also available in Faguss’s Fwatch (highly recommended to try out!).



– Last update:

(see changelog below)


– Description:


Here's a pack of custom missions made by me.

These missions do not require any addons to play, and do not involve complex scripting.

There’s also no voice acting, only text dialogs that will develop the plot of each mission, but I tried my best to make them useful and entertaining.

All missions are available for both singleplayer and cooperative playthroughs.


– Content:

There are two mission types - 'Task Force' and 'Outlaws'.

Former is a set of single missions not connected to each other and mostly focused on the gameplay.

The letter is a simple story campaign (kind of) that is currently in a 'work in progress' state.


– Notes:

To play these missions, place 'Missions' and 'MPMissions' folders inside the main game's folder (ARMA Cold War Assault).

Missions will be available inside "Single Missions" and "Multiplayer" sections.

If you spot typos or mission errors during the gameplay, please let me know.

Also, keep in mind, this archive is currently unfinished and will be updated time after time (some missions are still ‘work in progress’)!


– Links:




– Contacts:



– Changelog:


Task Force mission “Saint Pierre” now has a special marker to indicate the enemy gunship you need to shoot down in order to proceed.


Auto saves deleted in multiplayer versions of the missions. Small typos fixed in various missions, including Outlaw mission 9.


Outlaw mission 9 is done! Plus small typos fixed in some missions.


Outlaw mission 9 is in progress. Also Fwatch integration was added.


Decided to come back during the holidays and bring a new Task Force mission - “Revenge Remake“. Also a small AI update - your squad’s formation is now synchronized with the squad leader’s aiming direction.


Small bugs fixed. Also a new Task Force mission - “Airport Assault“ (inspired by a ArmA 2 mission I can’t remember the name of).


Small bugs fixed. Also taking a break to focus on other projects. Will try to get back as soon as I can.


Massive gameplay update - medic has been removed and replaced with squad leader’s ability to heal nearby squadmates (code 0-0-2). Also, the squad leader will now start with m16 instead of ak74.


Outlaws mission #8 finally added! Took longer than I wanted, but I did it. Some new missions might come soon, too. 


Small bugs fixed. Invisible enemy bug fixed in “Crossroad” mission. Helicopter landing sequence changed in “Landing” and “Arrival” missions. “Squad on my position” command returned (although it still can behave awkwardly sometimes).


Small briefing fixes.


Small bugs fixed. “Landing” mission T80 bug fixed. “Chotain” mission objective bug fixed. “Squad on my position!” command disabled due to being bugged.


Overall difficulty decreased, with an option to turn on and off the “Hard mode” (code 0-0-6; makes enemies twice as dangerous). Small typos fixed. Task Force mission “War Cry Remake” added. Small bugs in Outlaws missions #1 fixed. Respawn position bug in Outlaws mission #2 fixed. Work on Outlaws mission #8 is stopped for now, a few more Task Force missions might come soon. Task Force 2-man team missions disabled for now, need much work on the AI (still playable overall but might not be updated in the future).

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