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Link Forsberg

Join Our Team of Talented Arma 3 Developers

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Dear Arma 3 Enthusiasts,


Are you passionate about Arma 3 and looking for an opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity? Look no further! We are currently seeking skilled and dedicated developers to join our team and contribute to an exciting project in the areas of GFX (Graphics), Map Development, and Scripting.


If you have a talent for creating visually stunning assets, optimizing in-game visuals, and pushing the boundaries of immersive gaming experiences, we want to hear from you! Our GFX team is committed to delivering top-notch visuals that will captivate our players and elevate the gameplay to new heights.


Are you skilled in designing expansive and captivating maps that offer a diverse range of scenarios and challenges? We need talented Map Developers like you to help craft the perfect environments for our players to explore and conquer.

Additionally, if you possess a deep understanding of scripting in Arma 3, we want to tap into your expertise! As part of our scripting team, you will play a crucial role in enhancing the game's mechanics, implementing exciting features, and ensuring a smooth and engaging gameplay experience.


We value teamwork, communication, and creativity, and we welcome developers from all backgrounds and experience levels. Whether you are an industry veteran or a rising star, if you are passionate about Arma 3 and eager to make a significant impact on the game's development, we encourage you to apply!


To apply for one of these positions, please send us your portfolio or examples of previous work that showcase your skills in the respective area. Additionally, don't forget to tell us why you're passionate about Arma 3 and why you'd be a great fit for our team.

Join us on this incredible journey of game development and help us shape the future of Arma 3 RP.


To apply or inquire further, please contact us at arrpmanagement@gmail.com or my discord: .alex2104 . We look forward to hearing from you and potentially welcoming you to our team of Arma 3 developers.


Best regards,


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