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Steam ID & URL, BattlEye ID, Bohemia ID - Converter / API - Steam account checks (details, bans, known friends...)

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Hey folks, it has been quite some time since I started working on a big update of the ID Converter tool(s).

Here we are - an update impacting the entire project has been released some weeks ago.

This includes:

  • moving to a new domain (https://www.id-converter.org/)
  • releasing a newly created website
  • releasing a new API endpoint (version 4)
  • discontinuing deprecated API endpoints (version 2 & 3)
  • removing the Discord bot 'ID Bot' permanently


Further updates and improvments are around the corner and will be released as soon as possible.

All previously registered users have been notified via. Email about changes to the website and API endpoint.






Check out our new website to get details about any Steam account out there.

We provide the Steam URL, Vanity ID, profile name, configuration status, creation date and more.

Furthermore bans of the Steam account issued by Valve or BattlEye will be shown.

This includes all known friends of the Steam account, too.


Get to know if somebody...

  • has a game ban or is banned by Valve or BattlEye
  • is hiding is public account details
  • has a private/public friend list
  • is known to have friends with bans


Additionally the converter also returns (and accepts) all sort of relevant IDs & URLs you may need to know.

Various game server providers out there need you to provide some of those IDs, for example, to get on a whitelist, donator list, VIP list etc.


This can include a Steam URL, Steam Vanity URL, Steam Invite URL, Steam ID Hexadecimal, Steam ID 64, Steam ID 3, Steam ID, BattlEye ID, Bohemia ID and FiveM ID.


You are still not sure what to enter in the converter?

We got you covered!


sign_in.png  is a feature we provide, to get all details, IDs & URLs about your Steam account, fast and easy only with a few clicks.





You are interested to automate lookups and conversions of Steam accounts of your players?

We got you covered, once more!


Our latest API endpoint (version 4) has been released to be scalable and flexiable upon your requests.

There are 3 types of requests available:

  • unauthorized (non-detailed) requests - heavily rate limited
  • authorized (non-detailed) requests - relaxed rate limits
  • authorized detailed requests - incl. Steam account details, known friends and bans etc.


An authentication at this endpoint is not necessarily required.

The response for unauthorized requests will only include ID conversions returning all sort of IDs & URLs mentioned above.

Requesting details of Steam accounts, known friends and bans however does require an authentication.


Authenticating a request requires an API token.

Head on to our website, create an user account, validate the registration via. email and generate an API token. That's it!


Tune your requests and the response times as you need to.


Optional (GET) parameters (available for authorized requests) can include/exclude various details you may need or not.

You can read more about how to interact with our API endpoint here:  https://www.id-converter.org/?inc=docs/api


The documentation includes various examples of requests and the API response you will receive.

Examples of unauthorized, authorized and detailed requests can be found including the usage of optional (GET) parameters.

Don't forget to check out the possible data fields of the response.



Request example


$> curl -X GET "https://api.id-converter.org/U:1:1?details&bans&friends&api-key=your-api-token"

    "error": false,
    "data": {
        "steam_avatar": "https://avatars.steamsta...970a7c58daec084_full.jpg",
        "steam_url": "https://steamcommunity.c...ofiles/76561197960265731",
        "steam_vanity_url": "https://steamcommunity.com/id/erikj/",
        "steam_invite_url": "https://steamcommunity.com/user/f",
        "steam_configured": true,
        "steam_visibility": true,
        "steam_created": 1063192486,
        "steam_last_seen": null,
        "steam_origin": "us",
        "steam_name": "EJ",
        "steam_id_hex": "110000100000003",
        "steam_id64": "76561197960265731",
        "steam_id3": "[U:1:3]",
        "steam_id": "STEAM_0:1:1",
        "battleye_id": "ca5c318be11f0ee4390bb39ca77ab0f9",
        "bohemia_id": "__PBokib1C3cpe9LCahPVD5cM80Kv3f635IqSsSCU1o=",
        "bans": {
            "battleye": false,
            "vac": 0,
            "games": 0,
            "economy": false,
            "community": false,
            "last_ban": {
                "days": null,
                "date": null
        "friends": [




You got some questions left?


You need help with the integration of this service into your project?

You have problems understanding on how to interact with this API endpoint?

You project requires a custom solution or response?

You need a custom rate limit because your integration will exceed it?


Contact me! We will find a solution.


(contact details are available on the website; Discord contact details:  00fake)





This is a community project existing since 2017.

Using our website and other services is completely free.

We will never charge you for requests or custom solutions.

We do not use any sort of advertisment, marketing, tracking, coining etc. to collect money of your hits and requests.

We are not affiliated with Valve Corporation, BattlEye Innovations or Bohemia Interactive.



Cheers - FakE 👍

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It's a very pity that you closed your project! Can I ask you for the code to put it on my server and help thousands of people?

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