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just a small suggestion

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adding a player carryable-then-placeable bags

so in other words a back pack that you can place on the ground as a player portable storage in the same way that battlefield allows the support class to drop a resupply point
and to farther take it adding mine crates that players can carry

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20 hours ago, jakeplissken said:

They cant even fix the constant session errors. There is no hope for Bohemia.


I played for like 4 hours straight on the latest experimental build when that 1st launched due to the hype of the content ( body armor and revive system) and i didn't crash to desktop or have any session errors that forced disconnect to desktop. I wouldn't even complain that much with the current stable build relative to the state it was in at release. Based on my experience its clear to me that whenever the  current experimental build gets greenlight to be update it to stable build, Reforger has finally reached a place where you can play for hours on end and not have to worry about disconnects. that if they do occur i assume they must be a uncommon occurrence now.


its clear that Reforger  initial release date was simply a very premature release, and devs have been slow to fix things. it needed another 10-12 months in the oven, for the game code and networking to be sorted out.

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