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How to use a dummy speaker for BIS_fnc_kbTell?

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I'm trying to get a conversation to work between the player and a dummy speaker.

If instead of a dummy speaker (game logic) I use a real AI unit everything works fine, but if I call ["MissionBriefing", "OperationMalden", nil, true, nil, true] spawn BIS_fnc_kbTell; the conversation works partially, meaning that the speaker is called "Game Logic" instead of "Base", and his voice pitch is disturbingly low. The wiki mentions that the fifth argument (true) implies that it will create a dummy if the speaker unit doesn't exist: BIS_fnc_kbTell.


The sentence is configured as follows:

class Sentences
    class Base_1_GoodEvening
        text = "Good evening, gentlemen!";
        speech[] = { "\Sounds\Briefing_1_Base_GoodEvening.ogg" };
        actor = "baseCommander";
        class Arguments {};

The speaker identity is configured as follows:

class CfgIdentities
	class baseCommander
		name		= "baseCommander";
		// nameSound	= "Givens"; // Arma 3 only!
		face		= "whiteHead_06";
		glasses		= "None";
		speaker		= "Male05ENG";
		pitch		= 1.1;

The wiki also specifies that BIS_fnc_kbCreateDummy will use the identity from CfgIdentities if an identity with the same name is defined: BIS_fnc_kbCreateDummy.

Does anyone know how to fix this voice pitch and name issue? It seems to create a new generic Game Logic instead of using the identity defined in CfgIdentities.

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