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# ArmA1button
1 button (almost) build, deploy ArmA 3 server with mods

## The bullshit
- Get docker.io
- Create files creds and steamguard with your steam credentials and current steamguard code.
- Create file server.cfg as per https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Server_Config_File
echo "[steamuid] [steampasswd]" > creds
echo "[steamguardcode]" > steamguard
- When ./build.sh is invoked by _AACREATEARMA.sh > prepfolder.sh, Steam should reject your Steamguard code.
- Immediate check your email and update the steamguard file.
- Run it from the top again. If you're fast enough it should accept the old code.

## Mods
- The modlist and missionlist files are both of the following format
- Mods can be named anything; mission names MUST end with .[mapcode].
- Missions are downloaded in the usual manner. Softlinks are created in .../Arma\ 3\ Server/mpmissions.
- Mods are downloaded in the usual manner.
- If the addons and keys folders names are unnormalized, they are normalized.
- Individual file names in .../addons are normalized. Soft links are created in .../Arma\ 3\ Server/keys and .../Arma\ 3\ Server/mods/lns
- The file modline is discharged to .../Arma\ 3\ Server/mods

## Files
- _AACREATEARMA.sh: Entrypoint.
- build.sh: invokes docker build. Will attempt to build arma-i using maxhougas/steambox-i:db.
- cheapinstall.sh installs and links mods and missions. Does the jobs of installmods.sh, installmissions.sh, linkmod.sh, and linkkey.sh.
- creds: contains your actual Steam credentials in plaintext. Super-duper secure, never blind or delete this file. Not included.
- dexec.sh: invokes docker exec. Can only take a single argument.
- dockerfile.db: used when invoking docker build (build.sh). Will contain plaintext credentials. Discharged and deleted after use by prepfolder.sh
- installmod.sh: invokes docker exec > steamcmd.sh. Useful for mods that DLs that time out. Does not link anything.
- linkkey.sh: invoked by cheapinstall.sh. Creates softlinks.
- linkmod.sh: invoked by cheapinstall.sh. Creates softlinks.
- missionlist: contains idnumbers and mission names. Mission names *MUST* end with .[mapcode].
- modlist: contains idnumbers and modnames. Mod names are arbitrary, but this system assumes names contain only [0-9A-Za-z._-]*.
- patharma: contains the full path to .../Arma\ 3\ Server, it is rendered as /Arma 3 Server though, be careful with that.
- pathmod: contains the full path to .../107410.
- prepfolder.sh: poorly named, creates .../mods and .../mods/lns; copies runarma.sh and server.cfg to .../mods; discharges dockerfile.db.
- README.MD: this.
- restart.sh: invokes docker stop and docker start.
- run.sh: invokes docker run. Will attempt to run arma-s. Incoming ports are specified here. Bind mounts are specified here.
- server.cfg: config file. Not included.
- start.sh: invokes docker stop.
- steamguard: contains your steamguard code.
- steaminst: a steam CMD script file. Will contain plaintext credentials. Dischaged and deleted after use by cheapinstall.sh. Not included.
- stop.sh: invokes docker start.
### Depricated
- installmods.sh: invokes docker exec > steamcmd.sh to download mods. Creates appropriate softlinks and discharges the modline file.
- installmissions.sh: invokes docker exec > steamcmd.sh to download missions. Creates softlinks.







docker pull maxhougas/steambox-i:db
docker build -t arma-i -f dockerfile.db .




arma=$(cat patharma)
mods=$(cat pathmod)

echo "set_steam_guard_code $(cat steamguard)" > mods/steaminst
echo "login $(cat creds)" > mods/steaminst
echo "$(cat modlist)" >> mods/steaminst
echo "$(cat missionlist)" >> mods/steaminst
sed -i 's:^:workshop_download_item 107410 :g' mods/steaminst
sed -i 's:^workshop_download_item 107410 set:set:g' mods/steaminst
sed -i 's:^workshop_download_item 107410 login:login:g' mods/steaminst
sed -i 's:=[A-Za-z0-9._-]*::g' mods/steaminst
echo "quit" >> mods/steaminst

docker exec -ti arma-s /steam/steamcmd.sh +runscript "$arma/mods/steaminst"

#obliterate credentials
rm mods/steaminst

#Start modline
echo -n \" > mods/modline

#iterate modlist
for line in $(cat modlist)

id=$(echo $line | sed "s:=[A-Za-z0-9._-]*::g")
mname=$(echo $line | sed "s:[0-9]*=::g")

./linkmod.sh $id $mname
./linkkey.sh $id

#Build modline
echo -n "mods/lns/$mname;" >> mods/modline


#Finish modline
sed -i "s:;$:\":g" mods/modline

#iterate missionlist
for line in $(cat missionlist)

id=$(echo $line | sed "s:=[A-Za-z0-9._-]*::g")
mname=$(echo $line | sed "s:[0-9]*=::g")
file=$(docker exec -t arma-s ls -1 $mods/$id | grep -io "[a-zA-Z0-9._-]*")

docker exec -t arma-s ln -sfT $mods/$id/$file "$arma/mpmissions/$mname.pbo"





#$1 = id

mod=$(cat pathmod)
arma=$(cat patharma)

#normalize keys folder
if [ -n "$(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1 | grep -o 'Keys')" ]; then

docker exec -t arma-s mv $mod/$1/Keys $mod/$1/keys


if [ -n "$(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1 | grep -io 'keys')" ]; then

for kname in $(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1/keys | grep -io "[A-Z0-9a-z._-]*.bikey")

#normalize key names
nkname=$(echo $kname | tr [A-Z] [a-z])
if [ "$kname" != "$nkname" ]; then

docker exec -t arma-s  mv $mod/$1/keys/$kname $mod/$1/keys/$nkname


docker exec -t arma-s ln -sT $mod/$1/keys/$nkname "$arma/keys/$nkname"






#$1 = id
#$2 = name

mod=$(cat pathmod)
arma=$(cat patharma)

#normalize addons folder
if [ -n "$(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1 | grep -o 'Addons')" ]; then
docker exec -t arma-s mv $mod/$1/Addons $mod/$1/addons

#normalize pbo names
for pname in $(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1/addons | grep -io "[A-Z0-9a-z._-]*")

npname=$(echo $pname | tr [A-Z] [a-z])
if [ "$pname" != "$npname" ]; then
docker exec -t arma-s  mv $mod/$1/addons/$pname $mod/$1/addons/$npname


docker exec -t arma-s ln -sT $mod/$1 "$arma/mods/lns/$2"








/root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3 Server






#Prepare folder structure
mkdir mods
mkdir mods/lns
cp server.cfg mods
cp runarma.sh mods

#Pull base image
docker pull maxhougas/steambox-i:db

#Discharge dockerfile
echo "FROM maxhougas/steambox-i:db" > dockerfile.db
echo "RUN ./steamcmd.sh +set_steam_guard_code $(cat steamguard) +login $(cat creds) +app_update 233780 +quit" >> dockerfile.db
echo "WORKDIR /root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma\\ 3\\ Server" >> dockerfile.db
echo "CMD ./mods/runarma.sh" >> dockerfile.db

#build image

#Obliterate credentials
rm dockerfile.db



docker run -dp 2302-2306:2302-2306/udp -v $(pwd)/save:/root/.local/share/Arma\ 3\ -\ Other\ Profiles/Player -v $(pwd)/107410:$(cat pathmod) -v $(pwd)/mods:/root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma\ 3\ Server/mods --name arma-s arma-i



cd /root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma\ 3\ Server
./arma3server_x64 -config=mods/server.cfg -mod=$(cat mods/modline) > mods/arma.log



docker start arma-s




docker stop arma-s


Github link = https COLON SLASH SLASH github DOT com SLASH maxhougas SLASH arma1button

Put a decent chunk of work into this; hope it helps someone. I got notifications for this one turned on, so holler any questions, comments, complaints, gripes, or bitches.

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