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Dj Rolnik

Zeus-placed countdown editing

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Hey guys,


I am using the Zeus-placed countdown timer that displays during my TvT games. As it stands now, once the time set in the module reaches 0, the mission ends with the selected criteria.

What I would like to do instead is trigger a script instead of ending the mission right away. So far I was unable to find a way to launch this countdown timer via script, especially so without the mission ending at the countdown end.


Any idea how I could use the exact timer functionality, but without ending the mission right away?



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Tell me if I am missing something. But couldn't you place a trigger that uses either BIS_fnc_countDown or BIS_fnc_countDownTime==0 in the condition field to check whether it has finished, then execute (execVM) your script in the onActivation field?


If you're looking to make your own onscreen countdown timer, then you could modify this script: 

Happy world environment day 🎊.

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