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[SP] KOTH helicopter combat landing trainer

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Hello! Do you play KOTH and been flown in by a badass pilot that flew in and landed after just a few seconds? Ever wanted to learn to do that yourself? I created this "mission" for that very purpose


The trainer aims to emulate KOTH to provide a realistic training simulation for players to learn in. To that end here are the currently supported features:

  • All KOTH battlefields supported
  • Exact replica of the starting spawn building
  • Spawn any helicopter to train with
  • Random number of NPC AI is spawned that will get in your helicopter and jump out upon landing in the AO
  • Repeat as many times as you like


This project could be massively improved and I would absolutely be willing to work on it more if this is something people are interested in and actually use but I'm going to release it anyway because I've already gotten what I wanted out of it, which was learning how to do those epic youtube-worthy landings with hummingbirds. I'm definitely not the best pilot ever, but I can land successfully more often than I crash. I learned how to do it with the mission currently as it is, and if I can do it, you can too


If I continue to work on this here are some of the features I will eventually add:

  • F1 to lower/unlower volume just like actual KOTH
  • Better/more accurate markers for each battlefield (right now it just comes from config and they are wildly off)
  • Better/more accurate spawn zones for each battlefield (literally I just guessed for most of them, I don't play that much KOTH, could be crowdsourced pretty easily also)
  • Adding Towers
  • Dynamic landing zones (randomly chosen from inside the battlefield)
  • Scoring system
  • Ambient fighting between BLUFOR, OPFOR, and Independent (You might be targeted as well)
  • Career statistics tracking (this is kind of a hard maybe)


Anyway without further ado, here is the KOTH combat landing trainer (Github). To be honest, in it's current state this "mission" is best played in the editor so you can quickly restart. If it were to keep working on it then I would make it good enough to actually be playable as a scenario; but like I said, I already achieved my goal with this which was to learn how to do those combat landings, so I am simply providing this as-is

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