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How to update array value for all clients?

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Basicly, i was in process of making mission, where players must download something from few servers. After making a script in SP, i run into a problems in MP, what a surprise yeah.




_Datasend = round random [10, 15, 20]; 
DataStore pushBack _Datasend; 
_CompletionMean = DataStore call BIS_fnc_arithmeticMean; 
_Complete = (_CompletionMean * count DataStore);

if (_Complete > 99) then {hint "Скачивание данных завершено!";
hint format ["Скачано %1 процентов данных", _Complete]; 


Thats a code in SQF file and after HoldAction complete - (_caller call ServerDownload_fnc;) is made.
I guess its dumb approach, at least because i didn't find how to sum all numbers in array.

So problem is idk how to update array for all clients, i tried to use (publicVariable "DataStore";) after IF and ELSE code so its cheks it and updates. Its working but only if host does that. Clients run function and dont sent updated array to other.

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