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AI AA doesn't shoot at planes arma 3

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Hi. I'm making a ww2 map and I want a group of flak 30 or 38 to shoot at C47 planes when they pass by. The issue is that they don't detect them when they fly over, but hopefully they shoot them when they have passed by and they only fire 2 or 3 shots.

Within the game I did the following:
- Modify the values to the maximum in terms of detection and aiming.
- Switch to "In combat" and "Open fire" to all AI.
- Set as "Destroy" one by one to an AA against a plane.

Outside of the game I did the following:

// Set the AI detection distance (in meters)
_detectiondistance = 100000; // Change this value to whatever you want

// Get the specific group of units to which you want to apply the adjustment
_myGroup = group AA; // Replace "leaderunit" with the name of your group's leader unit

// Get the units of the specific group
_units = units _myGroup;

// Iterates through the units in the group and sets their position at a greater distance
	_x setUnitTrait["awareness", 1];
	_x setUnitTrait["vision", 1];
	_x setUnitTrait["targeting", 1];
	_x setUnitTrait ["spotDistance", _detectiondistance ];
} forEach _units;


I tried to increase the view distance and force the maximum, but still nothing. And called it with an execVM.

But none of the above works. The only thing the AAs do is turn when the planes have already passed over them and shoot 1 or 2 times and nothing more.

Thanks for any help.

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First of all, you're not in vanilla Arma but you are using a WW2 mod. If you want to write about Arma, test in vanilla session.

Your units have probable dependencies on vanilla units but you need to check that in config viewer. Roughly, they are using weapons/magazines/ammos with specific parameters (tokens) against vehicles with specific their own tokens. The units have also FSMs for their basic actions/behaviors. All this stuff is in configs.



and so on...


One sure thing, you can't write what you want in setUnitTrait syntax. You should play with setSkill command instead.

You can ease the target acquisition, increasing the start distance from firer to incoming target, and using reveal command.

If I remember, AAA work fine in IFA3 AIO,without doing anything than a decent scenario with not too many units. The more units, the dumber they are. And that's Arma!

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