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28th Regiment


About Us


The 28th Regiment is a Semi-Milsim, Semi-Serious Unit set in the Modern British Armed Forces. We are a combined arms force with an Infantry, Recon, Armored and Aerial detachments. We deploy all around the globe typically assisting local forces with emerging or serious threats.


We do not operate off a Ranking System but instead slot people based on Qualifications and Trust meaning that members can obtain any role they wish simply by completing the relevant training.


we also offer a Reward system to show off your achievements to the rest of the Unit.


28th regiment also runs an Antistasi mission on weekends. this will switch to a Liberation mission once the Antistasi is over. All aspects of these missions are voted on by all unit members, keeping things fresh and interesting.


Operation Times

Main Ops - Fridays 20:00 GMT

Fun Ops - Anytime, Any day

Antistasi - Weekends, any time


Requirements to join

.Must be 16+

.Own a Legal Copy of ARMA 3

.Own a working Microphone and/or Headset


Unit detachment requirements


Infantry (Sphinx)






Team leaders


Are you Ready to be cannon fodder?

Signed: Stacey - Sphinx 1st Platoon Lead


Scouts (Jackal)








May god have mercy for we won't.

Signed: - Napalm - Jackal 1-1 Team Lead


Amour (Scarab)






We will support the infantry and fix their vehicles...even if they stupidly drive into IED's.

Signed: Gunnar - Scarab 1-1 Commander


Aerial (Vulture)


Rotary pilots

Fixed wing pilots


Training available for those who prove themselves worthy.

Signed: Ekberg - Vulture 1 Commander


Join us now


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