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i cannot open get into game

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whenever i launch the game i am greeted with an error the entire thing is :





    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/console.log
    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/error.log
    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/crash.log
    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/script.log
    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/dxDiag.txt
    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/.save/ReforgerEngineSettings.conf
    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/.save/ReforgerGameSettings.conf
    C:/Users/stupi/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforger/profile/ArmaReforgerSteam_2023-03-28_19-56-32.mdmp

In addition, following summary information will also be included in the report.

Mode: Client
Command line: "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma Reforger\ArmaReforgerSteam.exe" 
Exception: Access violation. Illegal read by 0x7ff7217270d6 at 0x8

SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff7217270d6
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff7216a2377
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff7216a12ef
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff721eb72a3
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff72127c3cc
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff72127c99f
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff72208f0a5
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff72208fa53
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff72208f744
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff721ea97d9
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff721ea9be3
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff7211c1b97
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff7211c1d50
SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff7222cecd6
[BaseThreadInitThunk]: ??? addr:0x7ffc28247614
[RtlUserThreadStart]: ??? addr:0x7ffc296a26a1
[RtlUserThreadStart]: ??? addr:0x7ffc296a26a1


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Your profile etc. are in OneDrive. Maybe can't read stuff well from there?

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i figured this out, for some reason it needs one drive to be open and running or else it does weird stuff cant move the files in onedrive either so needs to be opened

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