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Transfer nearby items from bodies and the ground to your vehicle's inventory.



  • Adds an action to the player's scrollmenu when they are in a vehicle''s driving seat. Use the Loot to vehicle action to transfer nearby items to the vehicle.
  • Customizable loot range.
  • Decide if the vehicle's inventory can be filled beyond it's normal capacity (by the mod only).


Looting behaviour

  • Loots every single item from bodies and the ground.
    • Bodies inside vehicles are also looted.
  • Uniforms, vests, and backpacks are emptied into the vehicle. Their contents will no longer be inside of them.
    • Only affects anything looted by the mod. If you manually add a backpack to your vehicle it will not get emptied.
  • Weapons keep their attachments and magazines on them.
  • The inventory of vehicles and other containers are not looted.






Steam Workshop



MIT License - feel free to copy, modify, and more. Read this for more information.
Since this is my first time modding Arma use any code at your own risk 😉


















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