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Dog Packs


Single Dog with Handler


Steam Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2951683364


First things first, this is as much the work of JBOY as it is mine. I took the original JBOY Dogs and turned it into map modules that are easy to use. No complex scripting. Here is what you should know:


1) AZC Dogs converts JBOY dogs into a pbo addon
2) Cleaned up sections of the original scripting while adding in totally new functionality
3) Placeable map modules (one for solo and one for packs) that makes mission making easier
4) The option to create friendly packs or rabid packs


New functions added by AZCoder:
class DelayBark {};
class DogDrool {};
class DogVest {};
class GetDogPos {};
class GetNearestHuman {};
class InitDog {};
class InitPack {};
class LiveFeed {};
class PackAttack {};
class PackBehavior {};
class PackCleanup {};
class PackCreate {};
class PackFriends {};
class PackTrack {};
class PiP {};
class ShowDogSubtitle {};


1) F5 -> Ambient -> picks one of two modules: AZC Dog Solo or AZC Dog Pack



2a) Dog Solo is intended to work with a handler which must also be specified.
    i. Handler should be either 'player' or left empty. You may also use the name of the player object. AI cannot command dogs.
    ii. If empty, this creates a single dog that will follow the Arma 3 engine rules and wander off eventually.
    iii. 'Use handler voice for commands' will use custom dialog that was created for my Dark Tides campaign. If you do not select this, then the dog will be used normal squad commands like 'form on me' instead of 'heel'.
2b) Dog Pack creates 1 to 4 dogs that will roam around the area of the module. If rabid is checked, they will attack anyone that gets near them, otherwise they will bark happily at the sight of humans and run around. Note that the rabid dogs may not be as dangerous as some players may prefer. I may adjust this later on with feedback.


Players can identify rabid dogs because they drool and they tend to growl or howl at them. Friendly dogs will just bark and follow you around for a short distance before going back to their initial position. Rabid dog packs will try to kill you and anyone else around.

A solo dog can be reference by simply putting a name in the module. For example, Variable Name 'SoloDog'. Then you can issue script commands to SoloDog, such as 'SoloDog distance player' in the debug console. If you have a dog with a handler, you can reference him by the variable 'vDog'. Such as 'player getVariable "vDog"'.


How does one use that camera on the dog's back? There are 2 functions you need to know: AZC_fnc_LiveFeed and BIS_fnc_liveFeedTerminate. The latter one terminates the feed. If you want to give the player control over the camera (recommended), one easy way is to create a pair of triggers. This will work:

trgCameraActivate = createTrigger["EmptyDetector",[0,0,0]];
trgCameraActivate setTriggerStatements ["true","",""];
trgCameraActivate setTriggerText "Activate Camera";
trgCameraActivate setTriggerActivation ["ALPHA","PRESENT",true];
trgCameraActivate setTriggerStatements ["this","[(player getVariable 'vDog'), player, 0] call AZC_fnc_LiveFeed;",""];


trgCameraDeactivate = createTrigger["EmptyDetector",[0,0,0]];
trgCameraDeactivate setTriggerStatements ["true","",""];
trgCameraDeactivate setTriggerText "Deactivate Camera";
trgCameraDeactivate setTriggerActivation ["BRAVO","PRESENT",true];
trgCameraDeactivate setTriggerStatements ["this","[] call BIS_fnc_liveFeedTerminate;",""];


You can place them in your init.sqf script, or create triggers on the map. Let's look at the paramters for AZC_fnc_LiveFeed:
[(player getVariable 'vDog'), player, 0]

The first part gets a reference to the dog, player must be player (don't change it), and the number is what visual mode you want to use. In daylight, use 0. Use 1 for night vision and 2 for thermal vision. Sorry I do not have an easier way to set the camera up at this time. If you come up with a better solution, please share it with me :)


JBOY for allowing me to build off of his JBOY Dogs suite of scripts.


I am not responsible for any damage caused by this addon. While the rabid dogs can be scary, it is unlikely they will leap through the monitor and harm you. Face protection is recommended while playing.

This is completely open source. Please credit JBOY and AZCoder if you make changes, but otherwise do as you wish with it.

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This is really cool. Thanks for that. I didn't know that you modified the dog addon of JBoy.



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Good job AZC. :rthumb: 

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Thanks for doing this AZC!  For some reason I was never motivated to take the extra step to make it a mod.  Nice work!

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Added a demo video above that shows the dog pack module with rabid option. I also updated the mod with increased lethality from dog bites, and increased pack size by 1.

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