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Ghost Hawk Gaming



Who are we?

Semi-Serious Milsim based in the US. We focus on fun and semi-realism. Variety of squad options for custom missions run every Saturday.


How we play

We play every Saturday at 9pm EST and host custom ops made by the community. We like to focus on having fun and completing the mission. We are a semi-serious community. There are hundreds of squad options for each person to pick during every op.


We primarily play against AI-controlled opposition, led by a human Zeus.


We have a variety of squads ranging from PLATOON down to KINGFISH (Boats) with lots of units to pick from in each.


We do not use any “Yes, sir!” / “No, sir!” or forced RP in our community.

We do not play scenarios that are realistic for realism’s sake alone; At no point will you have to man an observation post for three hours while nothing happens just because it would be realistic. 


For a more detailed look at how we play see this video made by one of our unit's members! Video


When we play

Every Saturday at 9PM EST. Excluding popular holidays, and occasionally breaks.

Every session is followed by a 5-15 minute debrief, where we evaluate our playstyle, behavior, improvements, etc.


Besides our regular sessions, we also have a Training server where several of our members play around with each other, and the occasional op run by one of the officers for people who want to play during the week.



Join up!


We accept members who fulfill the following membership criteria:


- Speaks and understands English

- Wants to participate as an active member of our community: If you’re not busy with IRL business, we expect you to show up for our regular exercises and operations.

- Is at least 18 years old. (Can be waived based on maturity)

- Owns a legal copy of Arma3

- Owns a legal copy of the Apex, Western Sahara, and SOG DLCs.


We do not have any requirements on prior experience.


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