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Seemingly simple editor help with cursortarget

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Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with something I want to do in the editor and I can't manage to figure it out and it will probably seem very nooby to some of you but I can't find a relevant tutorial so hoping someone can put it in plain English, i imagine it's just a single line or there abouts.


I'm trying to place a trigger that activates when the player looks at a target, the target could be up to 1km away though if that's possible, the trigger will just fire a script off for some dialogue i have recorded that's all fine (eyes on target kinda thing).


And if I'm able to get two birds with one stone, in the same mission i would like to fire a script but once an AI has joined the players group i was thinking ifThisGeezer is inMyplayersGang hetalk= "Goin on buddy?" unsure how that translates to SQL though

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