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LTK - Laser Toggle Key

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Laser Toggle Key


What is it?

LTK is a tiny mod which adds keybindable controls for firing the laser designator. Ultimately this is to further CAS Pilots lethality and ability to complete tasks in an efficient manner. No longer do you have to waste time cycling to the laser, firing the laser, cycling back to your missile, acquiring, launching, then cycling back to your laser to disarm it.
Irrelevant of which weapon is selected, your laser will arm and paint the target. This was ultimately designed for HOTAS users with an abundance of keys which in other titles, such as DCS, would often have a laser fire key separate from weapon fire.

The mod comes with two keybinds (defaultly unbound) which can be used simultaneously.
Toggle - This emulates vanilla behaviour. Press to turn on, press to turn off.
Hold - This simulates closer to real life, where the laser is only active while the key is being held.

How do I use it?

Easy. Go to settings>controls, scroll down in the categories below the == Mod == divider and find LTK - Laser Designator Keys. There you can bind one or both controls to your preferred binds.
Then, from the cockpit of your favourite doom bringer and start raining down hell.


This should support most mods, please let me know if there are any compat issues and I'll look at rectifying.
Tested with Vanilla, RHS, Cup & Hatchet.


This will fire the laser irrelevant if you have weapon control, it's not really a bug nor a feature. However, I guess it could potentially be used to advantage in multicrew situations.

Known Issues

If the laser isn't aiming at a surface, disengaging the laser with the HOLD key may be inconsistent.


Juko - Logo
Matty & the 64 team for partial inspiration

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On 4/11/2023 at 10:15 AM, john111 said:

Video of use ?  How to?


Set your preferred keybind in the controls page (default is unbound) 
Jump in your jet of choice and press the keybind, the laser should activate. 

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