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How do I get a quote on modding?

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I am interested in the improvement of Arma 3. I have some programming experience (Python, C, C#), but I am more interested in design than implementation.
Because of this, I have considered hiring a mod developer to implement my ideas. But, I do not have any idea the modding landscape. 
By mods I do not mean missions, but features and scripts that change gameplay or improve existing systems.
How much do developers usually expect for projects? Small, medium, large? What expectations do they have? What are some tips on getting a team?

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Why don't you talk about the changes you want to make - see if others are interested in the ideas?

I think most modders are doing it for fun/hobby. I did do some paid work a while back - was hired via PeoplePerHour is that instance. Ordinary programmer rates.


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