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I really hope to see in the new part of the game:
1. Game mode: Warfare - improved, which will involve all the features of the game and which, although remotely, will resemble military operations, namely: logistics, supply, artillery, aviation, intelligence, radio communications, etc. (And not just for multiplayer).
2. I really hope that in this part of the game the AI will be able to "normally" enter and exit buildings (storm buildings).
3. I really hope that stealth will be implemented in the game.
4. I really hope that AI will finally learn how to carry out a headshot.
5. I really hope that the islands will no longer be empty, but will be inhabited by civilian life, which in turn will interact with the gameplay and depend on military operations, just like military operations will depend on the civilian population.
6. I really hope that the control of the detachment and units will expand as much as possible: from the speed of movement to the choice of weapons from the AI unit. (Flashlights and lasers will also be controlled;) )
7. I really hope that Takistan will return to the game.
8. I really hope that AI will learn how to use artillery, mines, support, etc..
9. If anything, a good example of what you want to see in the new part of the game is the Ghost Recon Wildlands game, as this game lacks some of the things from Arma, and Arma lacks some of the things from it.
Thank you for your attention.

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