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Ozam, 18KM squared Island for the future

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After over 20+ years of stumbling around the Armaverse I am finally dipping my toes in trying to build...something. This thread will be my progress with Ozam, the terrain I am building in the Enfusion world editor and slowly learning everything with. I made attempts in the past for OFP, then again decades later for Arma 3 but I could never get it figured out. I am pleased with the Enfusion tools, I have enjoyed this process. If anyone is still thinking of trying themselves, it's worth the time investment. As of this date, this is about 60 hours of work on this island map that doesn't have a back story yet, doesn't have a region of the world it's in but has a lot of local influence for my area and influence from other great map makers in the Armaverse. Some images below of progress, and a twitch stream I did for members of our IDERP group for Arma 3 to show them the future. Just search twitch for bj_rul











Questions, comments, advice and trash welcome. If you want to DM me find me on discord at bjrul#8684

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