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Reaper Legion Gaming
Division Delta Arma Unit

Operation times: Sundays 1500 (3PM) US EST
Platoon Trainings: Saturdays 1500 (3PM) US EST

We here at Reaper Legion Gaming wish to offer you a chance to join our ArmA unit, Reaper Legion Gaming Division Delta (RLGD-D). To first explain what Reaper Legion Gaming is, we are a multi-platform gaming community with members who play all types of games on all platforms. However, we’ve grown to such a size that we have created a whole new ArmA unit discord for just ArmA 3 alone!

So, why join RLGD-D? What makes us any different than any other ArmA unit out there?

These are good questions, and my answer is this;

RLGD-D is a friendly environment. Our admin’s first concern when members join the unit is that we want all members to feel comfortable and welcomed like family. We’re not looking for numbers, we’re not looking for just operators. We are looking for people who want to come in, have some fun, and make some amazing memories with other members.

Now for the more technical side of how we’re different. In truth, RLGD-D is a fictional Tier 1 Special Operations Group. We’re a sweet mix of everything good about the United States Delta Force as well as SEAL Team 6.

However, with our numbers growing, we are looking to expand into being a fictional task force as well, opening up opportunities for rotary pilots, and as well as fixed wing to assist the SF guys.

So, if you are interested in joining a unit full of fun and crazy people, then feel free to hop into our discord and give our unit a look. You can also take a look at our website for more information about our community.

RLGD-D Website

Reaper Legion Division Delta Discord

Password: 12ReaperLegion34

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