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23 SAS Regiment | "D" Squadron


23 SAS Regiment | "D" Squadron

About us:

The 23 SAS | "D" Squadron | 18 Troop is a Semi-Serious UK/EU Arma 3 Realism Unit that aims to provide the experience of being in a Military structure of the SAS with the emphasis on ShackTac's concept of Serious Fun. Although we are a new and growing unit, we have a wealth of experience from running Arma units and developing modifications over several years. We are currently using our own Auxiliary mod that allows us to use ComTac headsets within our helmet systems as well as full KAT medical/Pharmacy. During our campaigns we receive intel packets on what is going on in the location we are in, our Sigint officers then relay that to our command team who will then set up a plan that correlates to the intel we have received. Our focus is on growing a highly effective, close knit team who work well together.


Our current operations are based in Iraq where D Squadron has been tasked to assist in counter-terrorism operations, Deployments are held every Friday Evening at 20:00 GMT



- 18+ [We expect a level of maturity and commitment]

- Access to TeamSpeak and a working Microphone

- Availability on Friday evenings at 20:00 GMT



- Act in a Semi-Serious mindset

- Listen to the Chain of command

- Follows orders

- Respect other members


If you wish to join: https://discord.gg/kfyucnmMz5


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