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Go back in time as the US Army from 1983!




No M249, M9 or Humvees. The M16 still has the fun switch, and the grunts have M1 steel pots and M1911 handguns.


Replaces the US faction, all existing vanilla missions that use the US army will use this updated faction.




Additionally! Hot off the press! If you just want the gear without changing the vanilla US faction, check out the equipment-only version here:


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After incorporating this mod into our community’s RP story campaign, it can safely be stated that the gear mod for this content is great!


Arma Bois is thoroughly enjoying the A1 and its fire modes. We also have deep appreciation for authenticity but enjoy flexing the bounds. When crafting uniforms and load outs it’s important to have an open mind and even pull from unsuspected moments that have actually occurred. We draw inspiration from Pinterest and other publicly sourced imagery.


We eagerly look forward to future content from this creator! Be sure to support Reforger’s community creators and check out their work!


Thanks TepacheLoco!

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Fantastic mod!

I miss this mod, any chance for an update?..

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