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Looking for PVE CO-OP servers

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Just got back to Arma 3 after a few years away.


I'm looking for servers and mods where you can co-operate in realistic combat scenarios vs AI/bots.


Preferbly where you can build your character (equipment, gear, weapons) and save it for the next time..


Preferbly also where players co-operate to conquer territory, defend, get side missions etc.


Any ideas?

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I run a private server with some family and friends, on my own dedicated machine. We run Liberation, currently on the Lythium map. Not sure if you are familiar with it, it's a CTI, coop against AI. We are not hardcore milsim, but we do run some mods, like ACE, RHS, sound and effects mods, and such. We are in the NA/eastern  time zone.

PM me if you think you would be interested in joining us.


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