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Texture Overlaying

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So I should probably preface this by saying that I quite literally have no idea what I'm doing here.


With that being said, I'm looking into making custom uniforms using vanilla textures and I think I've made a realization: there are certain uniforms (Like for example, the Kerry fatigues in Adapt or the base NATO T-shirt fatigues) that are made via somehow placing one part of one texture over another part of a second texture. (Using one of the previous examples, they would either put the top of the guerilla fatigues over the bottom of the nato fatigues to make the kerry fatigues or vice versa) I'm led to believe this is the case on account of the fact that there is an inventory icon for these fatigues but no texture file in the respective folder, so my question is this: Am I even remotely close to being right on this, and if I am, is it possible to recreate this effect?

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