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[SP] Warriors of Anselm | Project Anselm

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[SP] Warriors of Anselm | Project Anselm



The year is 1982... War Rages in the South Atlantic

Enlist as SGT Thompson, an NCO in the Anselm Constabulary, and lead a counter-attack against Alcillian elements in the Highlands of Anselm



Roughly three days ago Alcillian forces launched a broad assault against the Republic of Saint Anselm. No one knows for certain why they have done so, but rumors are pointing at Argentian involvement and sponsorship. Alcillian Territorial Integrity units have attacked at multiple points along the border. In one sector, they began their attack with a surprise assault on an inlet village called Corran. They have seemingly done this in order to secure Corran's key Ferry Crossing. Our reconnaissance aircraft and HUMINT have since identified the Alcillian's utilizing patrol boats and a large civilian ferry to transport men and materiel across the inlet.

If the Alcillian's are able to solidify their gains in this sector and bring in more troops across the ferry crossing at Corran, we are doomed to lose this region of the Republic. Such an eventuality would be devastating to the war effort and the Republic's morale at large.

Enlist now, and push the Alcillian's back into the water!


  • 20-25 Minutes of Atmospheric Gameplay
  • Cold War Era Equipment and Units
  • A Detailed Briefing



  • Thank you to the developers of S.O.G. Prarie Fire for creating a fantastic CDLC.
  • Thank you to Anthrax for creating the awesome mod, Project Anselm (Beta).


Workshop Link

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