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Sjt. J. Brown

[EU] The Stygian Guard - Professional Milsim PMC

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During the financial uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic, the international megacorporation StygiCorp - the world's largest manufacturers of those weird metal trays that slot into the bottom of toasters - took advantage of the economic turmoil, founding and outfitting its own subsidiary company of private military contractors, known as the Stygian Guard.


Headquartered in Surrey, England, and drawn largely from British volunteers, the Guard quickly developed a reputation as a sleek and professional private security solution. It cut a name for itself on the edge of its aggression, becoming well-known in international circles for its black-clad operatives renowned for their ability to face down stacked odds with grit, determination, and a healthy dose of British gallows’ humour.


With experienced leadership, a distinguished esprit de corps, and a highly effective set of standard operating procedures based off those used by the British Army, the Stygian Guard are a fast-rising name in the field of private military solutions, and the scope of their operations takes them across the globe, carrying out taskings of all calibres in the defence of StygiCorp’s interests.



The Stygian Guard

The Stygian Guard is a tongue-in-cheek platoon of grizzled private military veterans. Our approach to milsim is unique; although we have developed our own set of standard operating procedures based on a blend of modern military tactics from across the globe, our unique selling point is our sense of humour: Guardsmen spend as much of their operations winding each other up as they do putting rounds down-range.


We are a very close-knit group of friends looking to grow our company, and we are on the lookout for a very certain type of player. Are you passionate about your skills both as a FPS player and milsimmer? Do you look to be the best you can be, and work as part of a key link in an organised team environment to defeat a determined, pain-in-the-ass enemy? Do you also enjoy quoting Blackadder and rating your squadmates' bodily functions during a squad attack? This might well be the place for you.




The Guard operates **deployments** of eight main operations following a narrative from week to week. The flow of these operations depends on the Guard's performance each week, and things can go excellently (or more often horribly wrong) leading to interesting, organic, and emergent situations. We also run field training exercises (FTXs) between weeks to train in new areas of combat, and frequently run courses including Phase 2 Training, Combat Medical School, Team Leader Battle School, and more. We also run "off-nights" every now and again to celebrate different events; for example a night ops zombie mission on Halloween or re-enacting the Battle of the Bulge over Christmas.

Our main focus is infantry combat, however we are constantly developing new training and our approach to operations as a PMC allows us to take on all sorts of interesting taskings in the name of StygiCorp - the world's leader in metal frames that hold up road signs during road works.



Recruitment & Training


Joining the Guard is very easy; becoming a Guardsman is not.


ARMA players are a very particular breed. If they had a David Attenborough documentary we'd watch it in a heartbeat. As a result, our joining process is designed to thresh out the flaky time-wasters to protect our beloved core of Guardsmen. Our barrier to entry is not difficult, but ensures we have the right group of players standing at ENDEX ready to join the Guard full-time.

Our base requirements are as follows. You must meet all five of these to join:


  1. You must own a copy of ARMA 3.
  2. You must own a working microphone.
  3. You must be 18 years old or older.
  4. You must speak and understand English.
  5. You must be able to attend events on Tuesdays at 1900GMT.


Note that we have **no activity policy**. We want our Guardsmen to attend events because they want to, not because they feel they have to. You can attend as much or as little as you like, but slots on our server are limited, so if you never show up at all we will be in touch for a polite conversation about maybe stepping you down from the active roster.

If you meet the above requirements, you may join our Discord and request tags, at which point you have joined the Guard as a **Private Trainee (PV1)**.


As a PV1 you **must** attend and complete a two-hour Phase 1 Training which is run once every two weeks before you may join the rest of the Guard on operations. This ensures all of our Guardsmen meet a baseline standard in infantry drills and can operate effectively in a squad without being a burden to others.

Once you pass out of Phase 1, you will be promoted to **Private Second Class (PV2)** and the world is your oyster.



Join the Guard


The Guard operates on Tuesdays at 7pm British time (GMT/BST).


If you like what you're reading, we'd love to meet you. Join us here;









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The Guard has had a successful first few months!


After a Christmas break we continue forth on Operation Pella, engaging both the renegade ALA and communist guerillas in the jungles of Niakala, attempting to restore StygiCorp's supply of palm oil. Guardsmen have deployed on a wide range of taskings including assaulting fixed positions in the jungle, ambushing reinforcement convoys, defending against artillery and infantry assaults, and rounding off the first half of the operation by "appropriating" ALA equipment to gate-crash a liaison between ALA and guerilla representatives.


Between main operations the Guard has honed its skills and drills with regular field training exercises, slowly growing and adapting its tactics to develop its own brand of mobile and aggressive light infantry warfare. Multiple Phase 1 courses have seen new additions to the Guard, the Squad Medic course has increased our survivability, and the nascent Phase 2 and Team Leader courses on the horizon open up the new ranks of Specialist and Corporal to our long-suffering Guard veterans.


In addition, we have held two highly successful themed off-nights, one on Halloween involving an investigating into a missing Guard patrol on a zombie-infested island, and one at Christmas reliving the Battle of the Bulge from the perspective of the American 101st Airborne.


We're very proud of our progress and look forward to growing ever further as we push into 2023!

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The Stygian Guard continues to move from strength to strength. Operation Pella saw a victorious conclusion at the end of February after three long months of gruelling fighting, concluding in a parade and awards ceremony on the Niakala airstrip. Several of our long-suffering Guardsmen received well-deserved promotions, and a number of medals were handed out to those who went above and beyond in the depths of sub-Saharan Africa.


Home Rotation followed, with instruction sessions covering new areas of training and opening up the Guard's repertoire of capabilities: Mechanised Assault School, Combat Medical School and Team Leader Battle School have all come and gone, as well as specialist exercises to develop night operations and anti-tank warfare. During Easter, the Guard deployed its far-future corps of Clone Troopers to Tatooine to hunt the "Easter Egg" holding up a planetary shield array, and the new tactics and capabilities were put into play very successfully at the helm of an AT-TE convoy.


Now the Guard looks ahead to its second major deployment to Vinjesvingen in the heart of the Norwegian mountains, taking corporate espionage to new heights as they attempt to capture a rival company's research complex and steal their technology, all in the name of maintaining StygiCorp's global monopoly on the manufacture of the little rubber feet that stop ladders from sliding in wet grass.


Along with this, the original post has been edited to reflect some minor changes in the Guard's backend systems as we have learned and gained experience in leading and maintaining our happy band of brothers.







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