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[SP] Viking Counter | Global Mobilization

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[SP] Viking Counter | Global Mobilization


The year is 1985... War Rages in Western Germany
Enlist as SGT Jakob, a Danish NCO, and lead a counter-attack against GDR elements in Weferlingen



At 0200 hours this morning Warsaw Pact forces launched a broad assault against Western Germany and other NATO nations in Western Europe. No one knows for certain why they have done so, but rumors are pointing at a military coup by radicalized generals within the Soviet political leadership. East German forces have pushed across the border and secured a few kilometres of territory. They have since halted their advance, and command believes they are consolidating their gains and clearing fortifications and mines along the border so they can properly supply future offensives.


In the combined Danish-West German sector in Weferlingen, GDR elements have crossed the border and captured Wahrstedt. A West German armored platoon attempted a rapid counter-attack, but was destroyed entirely. Now a Danish Infantry element, call-sign 'Viking', must attempt to re-capture the village and the surrounding area.


Rally with your squad and lead a counter-attack to re-capture Wahrstedt.



  • 20-25 Minutes of Atmospheric Gameplay
  • Cold War Era Equipment and Units in a Cold War gone Hot Scenario
  • A Detailed Briefing



  • Thank you to the developers of Global Mobilization for creating a fantastic CDLC.


Workshop Link

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